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Guest Recipe from Morvena (YAY!)

It’s an exciting day here chez Maeve…we have a guest post and recipe from the lovely Morvena (actually it’s my first time having a guest recipe, er post that is, and I’m sort of preening all over the place – that’s some form of pride or what have you, but I don’t actually care at the moment). Anyway, without making this about me, and with no further ado, I give you….

Morvena’s Pretzel Kisses

122013_1408_2.jpg     You need:

     Parchment paper
     Square pretzels (I buy Snyder’s Snaps™ )
     Hershey Kisses™ (trademark implied from this point forward)
     Baking pan(s)

(1) Place parchment paper on your baking pan
(2) Place individual pretzels on the pan
(3) Place one Kiss on top of each pretzel
(4) Melt in an oven set to ~350 for about 2 minutes
(5) Remove from oven and squish one pretzel down on top of each Kiss; it should look like a little sandwich of sorts
(6) Allow to cool; works best if you can place the pan in your fridge for a little bit

Pretzel Kisses 2


I’ve tried this with pretty much every type of Kiss (regular, Hugs, mint truffle, caramel, dark chocolate) and melt time seems to vary slightly depending on what kind of Kiss you’re using.  Hugs seem to soften the fastest, followed by regular and then the mint/dark chocolate/caramel.  In my case, the dark chocolate ones take closer to 3 minutes in the oven to soften enough to be able to squish the top pretzels down far enough.

Caramel is good, but it’s hard to get them compressed just enough to make the pretzels stick to it without squishing it too much and causing the caramel to bleed out of the sides.  They’re still *good* but stickier and messier and not as pretty.

Regular Kisses, Hugs, and the caramel ones are generally the best bet for a larger group of people. I’d limit the dark chocolate and mint truffles unless you personally like them or are making them for people that do.

Oh, and you will get melted chocolate on your fingers, but it won’t be hot enough to burn.122013_1408_1.jpg

So there you have it – quick, easy, and fun. Run out and get thee some pretzels and kisses, and whip up a batch for your family and friends. And THANK YOU MORVENA!

(Now, if Hershey’s would only come up with the PB-filled Kiss then all would be well with my universe)