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We’re Probably All Going to Starve

Well, that might be a slight exaggeration.  Truthfully, other than a pot of chickpeas, I got nothin’.  Also, I don’t really care that there’s nothin’ (its the latter than has me most worried).  Of all the things with which one can be afflicted, apathy is one of the most disheartening precisely because you don’t even care that you’re completely disheartened.

Does that make sense?

This morning I woke with a profound case of don’t-give-a-crap-itis.  I pawned off the transportation of Iseult to her carpool onto her sister.  Then I thought about making coffee for an hour or so.  Then I debated the merits of showering over just lumbering into the office to face yet another day of gut-twisting work.  Somewhere in there I turned on the pot of beans.  They’re draining now, and I feel somewhat pressured to do something with them (so naturally, there’s a bit of antipathy towards them now).

The fact is that this week is going to suck big time – it’s MONTHLY STATUS REPORT season, which means I’d pretty much rather be struck down with typhoid than have to be at work.

Well, now that I’ve got this pity party well underway, is anyone else lurking in misery, or am I flying solo here?

Plus – is anyone cooking anything good?


What’s Cooking Chez Maeve

My blog-pal Elspeth used to post a weekly “What’s Cookin’?” feature which I looked forward to every single Monday.  Actually, that was sort of the reason I got up on Mondays (not work, I assure you).  Sadly, she’s not blogging anymore and I’ve been wrestling with the idea of hosting such a weekly feature myself.  Maybe I’ll be inspired.  Maybe I’ll plan a menu.  Maybe I’ll care about cooking again.

Le Sigh.

There’s not a lot to post, but here goes…

Monday – My variation on this Barley Stew with Leeks, Mushrooms and Greens

Tuesday – Tuscan Chicken Thighs (hopefully on the Grill) with Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpeas;

Wednesday – Sirloin, Roasted Baby Potatoes & Broccoli (I might roast gnocchi – we love that stuff)

I’m thinking about reorganizing my kitchen. Would it be more effective to cluster kitchenware by frequency of use rather than by type?  I’m sort of plagued by indecision regarding the functionality of the kitchen – actually it’s a lack of functionality.  Space is at a premium and I don’t use it well.  The counters get cluttered and then I get flustered and find I don’t feel much like cleaning up the kitchen so I can cook dinner.  I need a handy place for frequently-used cookbooks so I’m not hunting for them.   Must think on this some more.

So, what are y’all cooking this week?


The Spiceman Cometh (because fall is here I guess)

I’m reblogging this because it’s that time of year again. That time of year when I get all twitchy because you know, “the spice that dare not speak it’s name” comes screaming to the foreground of all things culinary. Actually, it slithers in sneakily in the guise of “Pumpkin Spice” Fie on you Pumpkin Spice AKA n****g! Fie I Say!

Wannabe Martha

Some people are upset with Starbucks over their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Apparently the “pumpkin mix” incudes condensed milk. The “some people” would be vegans. You can see how this would present a bit of a problem. Now, I’m not sure why anyone would actually want to be a vegan, but what I’m really confused over is why anyone wants their coffee infected with pumpkinyness.

I actually like pumpkin stuff – as long as it’s pie or muffins or cookies with cream cheese frosting. OK, Jack-o-Lanterns are fine too, but that’s it. I really don’t understand the all-things-pumpkin craze anymore than I understand the all-things-zucchini obsession.

Really though, it’s the whole “spice” combo that worries me. I’m sort of weird about spices and I harbor suspicions about the actual contents of the pumpkin-pie-spice mix. Mostly I suspect (and fear) that it contains nutmeg. Now, as far as I’m concerned (and have…

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

So, umm, just what the heck is that Maevey?



Maeve’s General-All-purpose-Mood-Enhancer

Why it’s a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate syrup on it.

Isn’t that sort of the universal female answer to all our travails? You got something better?


Le Meh – It Continues

It would appear that I’m jonesin’ for a fight.  You know how that is, right?  You’re cranky and irritated and you just want to duke it out (preferably with someone who’s feeling similarly inclined so you can be friends afterwards).

It’s sort of a dangerous state for me, because I get just a leeeeeeetle free with my words (verbal/written, doesn’t matter) and you know how hard it is to take back things you say.  I’m always skating a thin line anyway, so it’s especially important that I get a grip.

I’m trying to figure out what’s eating at me.  There’s this massive crisis of faith I’m dealing with (or not dealing with); there’s the pending finalization of my divorce; there’s the insomnia; there’s the worry over my girls. Then there’s the mass insanity going on all over the world.  But none of this is exactly “new”, so I’m not quite sure what has me all riled up this week in particular.

Maybe I need some down time – real downtime.  Or sleep.  Or a good book.

Or cheesecake.


It’s Monday (and it’s going to stay that way all day!)

Diagnosis: Acute Poor-Little-S**t-Upon-Me-itis

Prescription: One Pint Haagen Daz Butter Pecan Ice Cream hourly as needed until better attitude restored.

Happy National Ice Cream Day 🙂


TGIF and All That Jazz

If I could get a refund on this weekend, I would.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Sunday- the STBExH takes (almost) the last of his stuff; and Angharad’s truck gives up the ghost.

Monday – the only decent day Chez Maeve – I move furniture in the living room and see potential.  Also I come up with a very tasty new cocktail that’s sort of like a Mimosa, but also has pomegranate and lime juice.

Tuesday – We find out that yep – there’s no resurrecting Angharad’s truck; so we go vehicle shopping (plus I work about 12 hours); also Angharad’s summer classes start and Iseult takes her first set of midterms (and she only has to take four because she exempted three, thank goodness).

Wednesday – We find an awesome car for Angharad – a payment she can afford and I will cosign her loan .  OTOH, the insurance is 200% more than what was on the truck; I have an ever-so-slightly-argumentative discussion with her dad about the need for him to provide “some” assistance.  Yay – small victory.  Plus I work 12 hours.

Thursday – I have to go to DMV to get a duplicate title for the truck, because I can’t find one.  Loss of 2 hours of my life.  I head to dealership where Angharad and I sign paperwork – and we have a happy girl (I lose 3 more hours).  Also, Iseult twists  her ankle in an uncharacteristic display of clumsiness; I just forget about work because why bother at this point.  I make this tasty dinner:


Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Friday – Um, it’s looking stormyish.  I don’t really mind because I’m not even getting out of my pajamas today.  Once again I’m ever so grateful for telecommuting.  Oh yes – and Iseult takes her last two finals, so technically my baby is now a Sophomore in HS.  Maybe I’ll schlep the laptop to bed and just work from there.

(Clearly I need to bake something.  It’s my one tried and true strategy for getting out my frustrations.)



Woe is Moi

There are some indispensable people in my life: The Bug Guy and the A/C Guy rank up there near the top. And they merit this position in my hierarchy of social contacts for two reasons: Palmetto Bugs and Sweltering Heat.

I routinely (and by that I mean on a carved-in-stone regular basis) have my house doused in enough insecticide that I’m sure it’s going to start glowing and become visible from space. Why? Because despite it’s benign local name, a Palmetto Bug is a roach. Really. I’ve heard countless excuses for why they’re not actually roaches – to which I say BOLLOCKS! They’re disgusting and it is my great pleasure to see their miserable, filthy lives extinguished. But they’re not my problem today.

Today’s problem is borderline sweltering heat. It’s only 72F outside, but inside – inside it’s about 85 and my office (which is my sunroom) is higher. And the A/C unit is not working. Maybe it’s the thermostat. I don’t know. What I do know is that when the AC guy shows up, I’m going to be the happiest woman in the whole bloomin’ state!

(Fine, so maybe it’s not actually “swealtering”. Close enough.)


Can one suffer from cooking blog burnout?

I subscribe a vast number of cooking blogs.  That little “ding” my phone makes every five minutes – yeah – it’s another “come read all about this awesome thing I just cooked or baked or served or whatever!”

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, possibly even resentful in an envious sort of way.  Well Maveypants, why don’t you just unsubscribe to the blogs and set about using your FIVE BILLION cookbooks?  You know, the ones that cause avalanches?  Those ones?  And maybe stay off P**terest?  And how about moving all the culinary FB pages you “LIKE” that keep showing up in your  news feed?  Hmmmmm?

Thing is, even with all the blog feeds, and the ladies posting their weekly menus and all the cookbooks and P**terest and FB, blah, blah, blah…I’ve been feeling a little uninspired with respect to dinners for the last couple weeks.  Might be the brutal work schedule I’ve been pulling.  Might be that I just get a little blue this time of year.  Might also just be excuses.  (Personally I’m kind of going with the last one, but let’s just keep in here between our selves, ‘K?)

Take last week, for example.  I actually only cooked twice – I know – TWICE.  Both times were crockpot food and then we ate various forms of leftovers.  In my own defense, I pulled some really long days last week (and I worked over the weekend); big girl had exams; little (ha) girl studying for her midterms.  The food was tasty and designed to be used in leftovers, but it’s just that I couldn’t bring myself to even think creatively about my menus – utilitarian, that’s the word I’m looking for – my menu was utilitarian.  How Bah Humbug!

This week needs to be better.

Monday – Butter Chicken with veggie sauté

Tuesday – Orecchiette with spicy chicken sausage and leeks

Wednesday – “left over chicken” & lemon soup & salad

Thursday – Jerk fish tacos

Friday – Dinner out

I was going to make the ubiquitous Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic this week (and bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day), but then decided that the likelihood of my peeling 40 cloves of garlic was pretty nil at the moment.  Maybe the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  If I get some time off.  Even better – I’ll have the girls cook it.


Thursday Whine

Am I the only one who’s over the whole SALTED CARAMEL EVERYTHING business?

Can we move on to something else now?



(Didn’t I whine last Thursday as well?  Maybe I could make this a repeating event.  Must think on it.  Must also find something Silly for Sunday because I’ve missed two weeks now.)