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Spousal Conversations

I know I’m a competent woman – have always know it, I suppose, but it never quite occurred to me to think about it.  I was just…competent – at pretty much everything I ever set my mind to – and I don’t mean the “merely acceptable” definition.

Until I got (re)married, my own competence was sort of invisible to me.  And actually it never really occurred to me that others were not exactly like I was – I just thought of myself as just “who I am – nothing extraordinary”.  The Hubs has remarked on more than one occasion that I’m maybe the most intelligent person he’s ever met.  Not tooting my horn here – hold on because there is a (sort of) point.  Nevertheless, it usually goes something like this:

The Hubs:  “You know, Maevey, you’re probably the most intelligent person I’ve ever met.”

Me:  “Thank you Mr. Sweetie.  Now why do I sense a “BUT” about to follow?”

The Hubs:  “Because honest to God I cannot figure out how you think!”

Me:  “What’s to figure out?”

The Hubs:  “The obvious escapes you, you do realize this, don’t you?”

Me:  “Uh, no, not really.”

The Hubs:  “You managed multi-million dollar contracts; developed most of the procedures at your company, but you can’t manage a grocery budget.”

Me:  “Not true – I can manage anything I set my mind to.”

The Hubs:  “Why can’t you set your mind to managing the grocery budget?  There are only three of us here right now and one of them eats out all the time.  How can you spend $250 per week on the two of us?”

Me:  “Well, I shop in case I change my mind.”

The Hubs:  “Change your mind about what?”

Me:  “What I cook for dinner.”

The Hubs:  “I can’t follow where this is going.”

Me:  Well, since YOU brought it up.  You know I plan out our dinners and your lunches and all that.  That’s all fine.  But I need options in case I change my mind and don’t feeling like cooking what I had planned.  I need to have things in the house in case I want to cook something else.”

The Hubs:  “You’ve got to be out of your ever loving mind!  You’re shopping like this because you MIGHT want to cook something different on a Tuesday?”

Me:  “Yes.”

The Hubs:  “Maevey – YOU CAN GO TO THE STORE MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK!” (I use all caps here, because this is generally delivered at a lowish level of roar.”

Me:  “Stop shouting at me.”

The Hubs:  “You are totally out of control!”

Me:  “I know exactly what I’m doing.”

The Hubs:  “I give up!  There’s no getting through to you on this, is there?”

Me:  “I thought you liked my cooking!”

The Hubs:  “This has nothing to do with your cooking.  I need you to reign in the grocery budget.”

Me:  “OK – how much can I spend?”

The Hubs:  “Let’s go with $100/week.”

Me:  “So basically, soup and sandwiches?”

The Hubs:  “No!  Can’t you cook on a budget?”

Me:  “Even I can’t work miracles!”

The Hubs:  “Just try – PLEASE – just try!”

So I’m going to TRY and develop budgetary competence – for him, not for me.  Because I’m loving like that!



Happy National Buttermilk Bisuit Day

I’m not baking today (work is just overwhelming plus I’m kind of feeling sort of despair-ish, and that’s not good for baking).

There is good news, however, mouthwateringly tasty news – rather than give into overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, I headed over to The Kitchn because of this post – which of course led me to discover a new blog (The Candid Appetite) – and you know I need to follow another foodie blog like I need, well, never mind.  Anyway, Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich – that’s what’ he’s pimping.  And not just any waffle – a bacon/scallion/cheese waffle.  So far I’ve resisted purchasing a waffle iron, but this – this might just push me over the edge.

I  need that sandwich!!


A view from my desk


Is it any wonder I’m having a terrible case of Spring Fever?


(yes yes yes – I know it’s sort of out of focus – just another symptom of spring….or old age)


I Finally Decide to Tackle Something I Really Don’t Want to Deal With

After much (and I do mean MUCH) thought, I’ve decided to cull the herd.

No, I’m not doing away with one of my children (although if you’d asked me about it last night, I might not have been so definitive in the denial).

I’m reducing the number of cookbooks and cooking magazines which are currently overrunning my house (when they’re not causing shelves to cave in).  This is NOT an exaggeration – I only wish!

Thing is, I’m not exactly sure what to do with them; I’ve thought about making (another) donation to the library, but now, I’m considering just giving them away to new homes.  Soooo, if there’s any interest, I’ll be happy to list the publications here (when I get through them all) and if you see one (or many) you want, you can shoot me an e-mail and I’ll ship it/them to you.


(Because if there’s no real interest, I’ll just ship the whole lot to the library)


Can one suffer from cooking blog burnout?

I subscribe a vast number of cooking blogs.  That little “ding” my phone makes every five minutes – yeah – it’s another “come read all about this awesome thing I just cooked or baked or served or whatever!”

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, possibly even resentful in an envious sort of way.  Well Maveypants, why don’t you just unsubscribe to the blogs and set about using your FIVE BILLION cookbooks?  You know, the ones that cause avalanches?  Those ones?  And maybe stay off P**terest?  And how about moving all the culinary FB pages you “LIKE” that keep showing up in your  news feed?  Hmmmmm?

Thing is, even with all the blog feeds, and the ladies posting their weekly menus and all the cookbooks and P**terest and FB, blah, blah, blah…I’ve been feeling a little uninspired with respect to dinners for the last couple weeks.  Might be the brutal work schedule I’ve been pulling.  Might be that I just get a little blue this time of year.  Might also just be excuses.  (Personally I’m kind of going with the last one, but let’s just keep in here between our selves, ‘K?)

Take last week, for example.  I actually only cooked twice – I know – TWICE.  Both times were crockpot food and then we ate various forms of leftovers.  In my own defense, I pulled some really long days last week (and I worked over the weekend); big girl had exams; little (ha) girl studying for her midterms.  The food was tasty and designed to be used in leftovers, but it’s just that I couldn’t bring myself to even think creatively about my menus – utilitarian, that’s the word I’m looking for – my menu was utilitarian.  How Bah Humbug!

This week needs to be better.

Monday – Butter Chicken with veggie sauté

Tuesday – Orecchiette with spicy chicken sausage and leeks

Wednesday – “left over chicken” & lemon soup & salad

Thursday – Jerk fish tacos

Friday – Dinner out

I was going to make the ubiquitous Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic this week (and bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day), but then decided that the likelihood of my peeling 40 cloves of garlic was pretty nil at the moment.  Maybe the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  If I get some time off.  Even better – I’ll have the girls cook it.


Late night runs to the pharmacy

The local Walgreens is open 24/7.  Even so, one sort of expects that  after a certain hour, there won’t be much of a line at the pharmacy.  One would be wrong.  Apparently there is no bad time to not understand your prescriptions and need to have lengthy conversations about the side effects, the insurance co-pay, and how many refills are supposed to be authorized.

I wouldn’t even be in the pharmacy line, except that some time ago “The Man” decided to crack down on meth production by making ordinary people like me wait in line at the pharmacy to purchase some pseudoephedine-laced iburophen (aka Advil Cold & Sinus).  Meh!

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That’s exactly the kind of day it was.  Thanks to all night storms, I barely got any sleep and then couldn’t get up in the morning.  No housework.  Cooked though.  And made the girls clean the kitchen.  More storms headed this way.  Think I’ll just curl up with Nalini Singh’s new release and start over tomorrow.

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