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Waffles – La Nouvelle Yum

Me:  I need a waffle iron

Mack: You don’t have room for one.

Me:  I fail to see how that’s an issue

Mack:  Because you’re out of real estate in your kitchen

Me:  I’ll make room

Mack:  No you won’t.

Me:  How can you say that?

Mack:  Look around Maevey…

Me:  It’s not that bad

Mack:  Wrong

Me:  I need a waffle iron

Mack:  Why?  You’ve gone all this time without one.  Why now?


Well, let me show you why…..

Take this one – Jonathan over at the Candid Appetite has Dark Chocolate Zucchini Cake Waffles that look more like dessert and do not get me started on his Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwiches (I already linked to them once, but another won’t hurt).

Then there’s this – The Tater Tot Waffle Grilled Cheese (where the Tots are the bread made into waffles – I KNOW I KNOW I WANT TO EAT THAT TOO – it showed up in my Facebook feed and I nearly dove into the monitor) – now I can’t find it but when I do, the link will be here.

Then There’s this gem:  Cinnamon Roll Waffles from Recipe Girl (I know there are some recipes for putting you Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll dough in the waffle iron, but this is a little more chichipoopoo (pronounced “shee shee pooh pooh” – it’s a kissing cousin to La Di Dah only it sounds a little snootier).

Not Your Mama’s Cookie has RED VELVET WAFFLES (tip – you can actually make “any-color you-like” Velvet Waffles).

Finally…Sugar Bean Bakers have these luxurious sounding Vanilla Bean Liege waffles (and I’m so ordering that Belgian Pearl Sugar).

So you see, I NEED a waffle iron.

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