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We Interrupt This Lovely Day for an Unpleasant Announcement

It’s National Eat Your Veggies Day.

I object to this.  It feels vey judgmental; as though everything else (hamburgers, cheesecake, chocolate fondue) are second class citizens.

Yes, I know they have their own holidays, but notice that they’re not “Eat Your Cheesecake Day” or “Make Sure You Get Enough Hamburgers Day” “Consume that Chocolate Fondue Now Or Else Day).

You see what’s going on here?  THE MAN is ORDERING YOU TO EAT SOMETHING HEALTHY.

I’ll tell you what I plan to do – Ribeye with baked potato lots of butter much red wine and cheesecake and espresso (like 4, probably) – I suggest you do the same.

(See, I SUGGESTED you eat something luscious, I DIDN’T TELL  you to- also I really hate being told what to do by people who are “just looking out for my best interests” and “only want what’s good for me”).

Um, I know what’s best for me and I’ll look out for my own interests.

$%#!*&^*@!     (I don’t need to translate that, do I?)