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I Want to Bake This…Desperately


Photo Credit – Cakeletsanddoilies Blog – It’s her pic; I haven’t made it yet

So, I was idling around Pinterest this morning and came across a scrumptious-sounding recipe for a Lemon, Ricotta & Almond Flourless Cake.  This appeals on many levels:

A) I’m trying to restrict wheat based foods to see if the nearly insatiable craving subside (jury’s out still)

B) It’s made with Lemons and I lovelovelovelove all things lemon – if only I had some Meyer lemons (Le Sigh)

C) It’s made with almond meal (which I like and the girls don’t).

I foresee some challenges – namely, the blogger is Australian and I’m not sure that we’re all talking about the same thing.  I think she calls for the cake to be baked in a convection oven, which I don’t have, so will need to account for that; my oven does not have dual temp settings (Celsius/Fahrenheit), so need to fiddle around here as well.  I also should not assume that all ingredients are equal – as in size of eggs, granularity of sugar, etc.  This should make for a fun exercise – hope to bake it this weekend and then post my success/lack thereof.

Stay tuned!



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Sneak Peak at Supper – or “What is that Green Goo on your Chicken?”

Tandoori Chicken - just marinating

Looks gross now. Well, just wait until later…

Looks disgusting doesn’t it?  Well, just hold on there, cowboy, it only looks disgusting NOW.  Later on, after it’s marinated for several hours and has spent a little time on the grill, it will be eyeball-rolling-delish.  Actually, it’s a kind of Tandoori Chicken and I’ll post the “after” picture, along with the recipe later on this evening.

Until then, work hard and dream of tasty chicken….