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Sunday Sillies – Shark Week™ Edition

It’s more of a WTF (I think) because really, what kind of mind dreams this up?

Sharky Dog House 2

Look at what my family just got me!

Sharky Dog House 1

Why yes, I rather do love hanging out in the jaws of death







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Save the Date!

Shark Week 2014 begins Sunday, 10 August!

Here, Chez Maeve, we will have a special week of sharky goodness – and NO, I’m not going to tell you what kind of goodness.

You’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, here’s the official Countdown Page.

Happy Monday!  🙂


Sunday Sillies

Shark Attack Cookie Cutters

Photo Credit – Perpetual Kid

I should get these and make some cookies for Mack to thank him for hanging my blinds (Mack surfs).

I know what you’re thinking – “there’s something seriously wrong with you, Maevey!”

Well, maybe, but so what?



Sunday Sillies

What every drink needs – a nice little shark fin floating around.

Order Now so you will have in time for Sharknado II (you know one’s in the works, right?)


(only thing better would be a  nice gaping mouth – just like from JAWS.) 

Photo Credit – Perpetual Kid


Sunday Sillies

Run for your lives – it’s Sharktomelon!


I know, I know… it’s all over Pinterest.  Still, so help me, I will make this one time before the summer is over.  No, it’s not over.  It’s a billion degrees out and as soon as I go to the grocery store and do a couple hundred more loads of laundry, I’m going swimming.

(Is there something wrong with the fact that I don’t actually love watermelon?  Everyone I know does, but I can kind of take it or leave it.)

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