Wannabe Martha

Still trying to figure out which Martha

Long Time…No See

It’s been a few weeks.

Every now and again its good to give yourself a time-out. It’s good to step back a bit and try to look at life a little dispassionately (actually quite a challenge if you are me).

I used this opportunity to go shopping – quite a bit in fact. I had already gone through my closet and boxed up all the stuff that didn’t fit, but this was only the beginning. My delightful friend, Hearthie, gave me a good fashion scolding and some excellent advice – which I’ve embraced with a vengeance. The upshot – I’ve purged my wardrobe of every unflattering, dowdy, frumpy, ill-fitting, boring, uninspired, insipid, loose, baggy piece of clothing I owned. Whew! Oh yeah – I learned my lesson about shoes too – bought a pair strictly for comfort and ended up with a blistered heel. So, we’re not going there again.

In other news, we bought a really cheap waffle iron so we could cook tater tots and cinnamon rolls in it.  Maybe we’ll make waffles at some point.

I am simultaneously reading Tosca Lee’s superb “Demon, A Memoir” as well as “Paradise Lost” (because reading the two together just appeals to my need to examine things from every angle) and waiting feverishly for Patricia Briggs’ new release in a couple weeks (she has Chapter 1 up on her website – yes, I tortured myself and read it).

OK – that’s it.  I have take Iseult driving… then I’ll probably need a drink or a manicure.