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But Wait…there’s more – Day Two

Tuesday’s task – clean out the fridge (NOT clean it) – just get rid of expired items, things past their prime, science projects, etc.

Le Before:


Where avalanches are born


OK, so not winning any prizes for organization

Le After (better – not great, but better)


Not too bad – but more importantly, will be much easier to actually do the cleaning part

It was more untidy than anything – there were a few items which looked a bit iffy, but really, once I pulled out tonight’s dinner items and then organized a bit more, it’s just not as bad as I thought it was. Thank goodness.


Day One – and I made the list

So, the Day One assignment for The Kitchn Cure was – make a list of the things you like and don’t like about your kitchen.  I took a few minutes last night to think about it and here’s my list.  I’m treating it as a preliminary exercise because it may very well be that by the end of this exercise some of the “don’t likes” just go away.

Things I like about my kitchen:

  • My refrigerator – or rather I like that it’s not a side-by-side fridge
  • The floors – they’re pretty and easy to keep clean
  • My new faucet – looooove the high arch and also love the dishwashing liquid dispenser
  • My tall cabinets – lots of storage space
  • The Pantry – there’s a lot of space


Things I don’t like about my kitchen:

  • The lighting – it’s awful and it’s also surprisingly dark
  • The sink – I despise these porcelain/cast iron sinks – they’re extremely brittle; you so much as TAP a plate or glass on it and the item shatters; plus it’s a PITA to keep clean.  Desperately want stainless steel (much more forgiving in every way).
  • There’s no place for a trashcan
  • The color – everything is white (and now it’s looking pretty dingy)
  • The cabinets – because the laminate is peeling off them and they just look nasty
  • The pantry – it’s kind of awkward – very deep (things get lost in the back) and there’s a ton of wasted space at the top
  • The clutter

I’ve been thinking a lot about stripping off the laminate on the cabinets and painting them.  Maybe I’ll take the doors off some of the upper cabinets.  I’m hoping, mostly, that in addition to using this exercise to organize my kitchen, it will help me realize a vision for it.  I’m going to make the effort to objectively look at how I utilize my space, the things I’m keeping, and what I can realistically do to increase my enjoyment of the kitchen.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.



Yes, I know there are dirty dishes. People live here.


Notice how I manage to use up every square inch of counter space so that I can’t actually do anything!


Don’t freak out – we did do the dishes (eventually)


It’s out of focus, I know, but helps me to look at the layout


Jumping in with Both Feet

So I DID IT! I signed up to participate in The Kitchn’s “The Kitchn Cure” – the boot camp for getting your crap together and deep cleaning/organizing your kitchen.

My weekday time is seriously limited, so I’ve opted for the weekend version – I’ll get a once-a-week e-mail with all five of the week’s assignments and then can work my Saturday morning on them. Of course, I can just check out The Kitchn’s website every day to get that day’s To Do, and get it done if time permits. Today’s task: make a list of what you like and don’t like about your kitchen. I don’t need to wait for the weekend, so I’ll do that tonight – and maybe I’ll post about it (to keep me honest).

Anyone else up for taking on their kitchen with me?


Getting Ahead of the Craziness


Did you know next Friday is a holiday?  Yep – and that means that next week is going to be completely BSC from a work POV.  In addition to that, Her Nibs isn’t doing all that well and there’s every possibility we will have another emergency vet-run.  This morning I was motivated to get some basic things out of the way so that things would proceed slightly less chaotically – clean out the refrigerator, make a menu, get half the week’s shopping done (I’ve learned that once-a-week shopping is wasteful for my household).

Here’s the tentative plan because I already have a bunch of the stuff I need:

That should get me through Wednesday; then I’ll shop for the rest of the week and the weekend – nothing fancy – just stuff to throw on the grill – oh, and some Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles (if I can find the recipe – Le Sigh).

Happy Weekending!


This week’s menu inspiration came from Real Simple – Easy Delicious Home Cooking (one of my favorite sources) and Cooking Light – linked the recipe above.

[Edited to add – I’ve also linked those recipes which can be found on Real Simple’s websiteThe Jicama Slaw is from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food – a favorite.]

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Baby Steps

WOW – it has been a long time since last I posted.  And in that time, what’s happened?  Well, I cleaned my closet.  Yessir ma’am.  And not only that, I’ve kept it neat and tidy. It’s this second part which is more significant than the first.  I’ve cleaned my closet out plenty of times.  Lasts a week.  Tops.  Pretty soon, I’m chucking things in, dropping shoes on the floor.  Forgetting that there are hangers for my use.  But, behold….

WP_000092 (1)

Not perfect, but not bad either.  I’m still negotiating with the shoes.  And I  had a minor tussle with some belts the other day (but I have a plan for those – more later).  Overall though, it feels good to have some measure of sustained success.  I’m thinking the bathroom is next.  The cabinets under the sink – well, I think there’s a black hole hiding out in one of them.  Time to let the light shine in.

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Round Holes & Square Pegs


No, this is not a post about shoes (per se).  Yes.  There are shoes in the photo.  Lots of shoes.  But what I really want to discuss here is the storage of shoes; in particular high heeled shoes.

My last post revealed a frightful state of disarray in my closet.  It was an unmitigated mess.  I have since taken the time to try and organize the handbags and belts and scarves (in addition to clothes).  And for the most part, things are looking pretty good.  Except for the shoes.

Now I have several shoe organizers hanging in my closet.  I also have a shoe carousel.  I’ve also had (in the past) over the door shoe trees.  I am not unfamiliar with shoe organizational paraphernalia.  And they’re fine.  If you wear flats.  Or low-heeled shoes.  They’re not so fine if you wear heels.  And l love me some heels.  Really high heels.

I can fit ONE SHOE in each pocket of the nifty hanging shoe organizers.  The carousel is great.  Except that it tends to unscrew itself when you turn it, resulting in the ill-timed avalanche.  Plus, when you start hanging a platform shoe with 5″ or 6″ heel, well, you start needing some serious real estate in order to accommodate the dimensions.  In short, the shoes just don’t fit very well. The heels hang out and scrape against walls and clothes, and other shoes.  Finally we get to the over the door models.  More of the same.  The heels stick out so far, they interfere with the door.  Plus, those jutting heels are kind of dangerous when at eye level.  And usually the shoes are too large to be able to utilize all of the slots, so again, lost real estate.

The only real option left is the plastic shoe box.  And these are fine provided you have the space to accommodate all the boxes.  At least I can fit the pair in the box together.

Why is it so hard to find practical means of accessible shoe storage?  I want to wear my shoes.  I just don’t want to have to work so hard to put them away.

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