Wannabe Martha

Still trying to figure out which Martha

More Ball Gown Update

It’s beautiful and she looks beautiful in it.  And if I can get the picture off my new phone, I’ll be posting it.

And did Miss Iseult have a good time at the dance?  You bet she did.

Did she dance a whole bunch?  Yes, she did.

Also…she met a young man who re-enacts.  Danced with him a whole lot.  Hung out with him for couple hours after the dance at one of the campfires.  Yes – was suitably chaperoned the whole time.

He’s 17.  A Junior in HS (although not at Iseult’s HS).

I’m not ready for this.


Not one bit.

For Pete’s Sake, she was just in diapers yesterday!

Le Sob.