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Quick Update From the Maeveyverse

I’m still reading – I just rather fell off the Summer Reading list published previously.

Here’s what happened.

After finishing Lady of Misrule and experiencing, let’s say, disappointment (see my review), I found that the Lady Jane Grey bug was still batting away at me.  I watched the fabulously beautiful “Lady Jane” and cried a ton of tears, and still, I needed more.  Happily (I thought) for me, Alison Weir’s Innocent Traitor was also in my kindle.  So, one nice Sunday evening, while the Hubs was occupied with whatever he was occupied with at the time (probably reading up on Computer Learning or Deep Learning or some other algorithmic thingie he loves so much), I curled up in bed with a cup of tea, my sweet Baby Hoots (the cat) and my kindle and proceeded to launch myself into another take on the story of Jane’s tragedy.

I may have to start back with paper books.

Before I realized it, the kindle was halfway across the room, my sweet Hoots was three feet in the air, fur all completely floofed, and the Hubs was running into the bedroom competing with me for who could shout WTF the loudest.

So now you know.

Just stay away from it.  I’m not going to post a quasi-review other than to just announce, ‘BULLOCKS!”  We’re done with it now.  Actually I’m done with Ms. Weir now, and it’s final.

Thankfully, the Kindle isn’t actually too much the worse for wear (I have the app loaded on any other number of devices), and I’m deep into other reading material – all paper, coincidentally.

First off, I’m reading and shall review, the newest publication by my dear friend, Amy Fleming of Hearthose Image Consulting, “Beauty Destroys the Beast”.  I’m taking this one very slowly because there’s a great deal speaking to me and I’m afraid I’ll miss something.  If you’re desperate for a review right away, please stop by my pal Elspeth’s blog for her thoughts.

I’m also reading an extremely interesting work called “Love What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life” by Byron Katie.  This came to me rather accidentally as I was reading through one of my fav fashion blogs (Not Dressed As Lamb).  This link (Color and Grace is the blog) appeared in the roundup and caught my eye and I hightailed it over there.  To be honest, it was the gorgeous red dress in the picture which caught my eye.  But the post had nothing to do with the dress and everything to do with the blogger’s musings on how a process called “The Work”, put forth by Katie, provided the means of overcoming lifelong emotional pain.  This is something with which I continue to struggle and so I ordered the book right away.  I’m only through the Introduction – and I’m going to need a bit of time to reflect on it.

Finally, because I just feel like it, and Tosca Lee is one of my absolute favorite authors, I’m also about to start The Progeny – it’s a thriller about the descendants of Elisabeth Bathory!  It’s OK – my eyes are fluttering with excitement, too.

There’s been some cooking, a little baking, and a lot of cleaning going on at our house.  I miss my daughters terribly even though we talk/text/message nearly every day.  I miss their presence at the house and the shouts of “Mama, do you know….”.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy they’re doing their own thing, even if I don’t approve of some of the actual things.  It’s just that my heart knots itself so tight and tears build up and I am overcome with how much I miss them.  Letting go is hard to do.  Oh, I’m working with a trainer at the gym (the Hubs is so proud) and I kind of hate it even though I keep insisting to myself that one must fake it  until one makes it.  But I go and give it my all.  I know it’s good for me.  Drinking too much wine isn’t.

That’s all for now.

Happy Monday!

9 thoughts on “Quick Update From the Maeveyverse

  1. Eh. I had the advantage of having read an early draft of Hearth’s book quite slowly, so reading the final edit went much quicker.

    Yes. Do take time to absorb it. Totally worth it.

  2. Okay. I am reading, stopping to comment, then going back to read again, LOL!

    That “Not Dressed as Lamb” looks promising! Gonna book mark that one.

    1. Els – she’s a blast! I’ve taken a bunch of inspiration from her regarding wearing what I want to wear and it dovetails so nicely with Hearthie’s advice on knowing who you are and what looks good on you, regardless of “fashion”. I’ve been following her for a couple years now, and have discovered some great shopping sites as well.

  3. Last one:

    …insisting to myself that one must fake it  until one makes it.  But I go and give it my all.  I know it’s good for me.  Drinking too much wine isn’t.

    I chuckled. Good for you Meavey.

    That red dress is exactly something my husband would like until I remind him that it’s kinda not appropriate.

    1. It is for a romantic walk on the beach! BTW – enough with inappropriate! Grown beautiful women should wear fabulous dresses for their men (at least that’s what the Hubs keeps telling me. I keep giving him the stink eye – don’t be like me – buy a red dress and take the man out to dinner!)

  4. I’m super glad you like what you have so far – and that it makes you THINK. Greater praise one cannot expect.

    I would wear that red dress if I had her figure.

    1. Would you really, Hearth? I’m a little surprised by that.

      You can both rest assured that I cross my own lines often enough for my man’s sake and preferences. Necklines, and curve accentuation are both things I do regularly that I wouldn’t do otherwise.

  5. Yeah, I gave up the whole modesty police thing. I wrote three? chapters about how I deal with modesty – and intent is a big part of it. If I were at an appropriate venue for that dress, I would not be surprising or particularly eye-catching. I wouldn’t wear it to the mall. (Note that her “fitted” dress is not super tight – no butt cuppage a la Kardashian – we don’t do “cuppage” in public spaces).

    But I don’t have her figure or her ability to go braless, so no backless dresses for me! Anyway you’d only be admiring my muscles, rofl.

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