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Summer Reading 2019 – Book Review #1

Not so long after writing my post, I pulled out the tablet to line up the summer reading selections.  Inasmuch as I’m wont to happily chase the white rabbit down his trails, I thought that I’d pick something which would end right then and there.

It was a nice thought.

I’m not sure how to rate Lady of Misrule by Suzannah Dunn.  The premise was very alluring to one of my bent – Catholic Elizabeth Tilney maintains company to England’s Nine-day queen, Lady Jane Gray, in the Tower of London, from the day she is deposed until her execution.

I try to not anticipate too much when approaching a new book, but based on the premise, I was looking forward to reading about how these two disparate characters would become companions.  How a Protestant and a Catholic would get on – what they would discuss, agree on, fight about, what they would learn from each other.  This never seemed to happen, largely because there was only one character who lived her faith – Jane.  Elizabeth is barely even a CINO which completely undermined the premise of the story.

The characters are problematic as well.  It is not until nearly the end that I began to feel pretty much anything for any of them – Jane, Elizabeth, even Guildford.  Ah!  Jane and Guildford – let’s talk about this for a moment.  Lady of Misrule follows the “Guildford was a sullen spoiled brat and Jane hated him” arc, which I find rather irritating because nobody really knows what kind of relationship they had and let’s face it, they really didn’t spend all that much time together before their separate imprisonments.

What really annoyed me, however, was the ridiculous plotline of Elizabeth and Guilford experiencing a romance of sorts.  No.  Just no no no.  And then there’s the “I threw myself at an older married man and now I’m pregnant – but thankfully I miscarried, so I can return to my home without shame” thread.

It just goes on and on.  And yet I cried when they were executed, Jane and Guildford.  I did.  Because for all the other fictitious elements and aggravating plotlines, truth is they were beheaded.  And they were not much more than 16.

I think I’ll watch the truly fabulous Lady Jane tonight and sigh over the romance and cry (again) over the tragedy.

Rating – Meh – I’ll give it a C

One thought on “Summer Reading 2019 – Book Review #1

  1. Nice review! It’s always kind of sticky reviewing a book that is just interesting enough that you keep reading to the end even though you aren’t enamored with.

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