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Summer Reading – 2019 Edition

I’m not one of those folks who embarks on reading challenges, no matter how interesting they look to me.  I’m afraid that it will turn reading from my joy into just another thing I have to accomplish.  Actually, reading is rather sacred time for me.  This is how I expand my thoughts and knowledge. 

Knowledge, you say?

Exactly how’s that working Maeveypants, since it would appear that you pretty much read only fiction.

Yep – knowledge.  You see, I’ve reading a wonderful mystery series and the MC is a veteran of the Great War who has (and to a certain extent continues to) suffered from shell shock.  This led me to reading more about that war;  So now I’m all over WWI era fiction and nonfiction (history junkie).  Reading “Marianna” sent me back on a Tennyson glom; and reading The Shadowy Horses had me dive into the legends of the Legio IX Espana (and a bunch of so-so movies) but from them I went on an all-things-roman-empire binge (including the terrible Guinevere-As-A-Pict-Princess version of King Arthur), spurred on in no small part by Robert Harris’ Pompeii (which in turn sparked a detour into volcanos – and so of course, I had to watch (again) Dante’s Peak, Pompeii and Volcano, and then read all about some of the more massive eruptions that have occurred throughout history).

So you see, all my reads are pretty much springboards into bouts of glomming (one of the most memorable was my Richard III whirlwind after ready the fabulous Shannon Kay Penman’s “The Sunne in Splendour”  AND THEN I got all into Anne Neville (wife of aforementioned king)) the history, science, literature, and events which I encounter.  Is it a bit OCD?  Maybe, but so what? 

This year I have decided to set myself a bit of a challenge to read some specific titles and NOT get drawn into research sprees – but simply enjoy the books.  It’s not in my nature, but I think it might be an interesting exercise.  It also means that I will probably read “Lady Macbeth” last, because I am an absolute junkie for all things Macbeth (did I mention how much I adored the 2015 film with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard?  Did I?  Have you seen it?  No?  See it now – just see it now!!).

 And so – in no particular order, I bring you my summer reading list:

  • Anna of Kleve, Alison Weir
  • The Assassination of the Archduke: Sarajevo 1914 and the Romance That Changed The World, Greg King
  • The Ghost Hunter, Neil Spring
  • The Return of Captain John Emmett, Elizabeth Speller
  • Gertrude and Claudius, John Updike
  • Circe, Madeline Miller
  • The Beast’s Garden, Kate Forsyth
  • Lady of Misrule, Suzannah Dunn
  • Lady Macbeth, Susan Fraser King

 What I’ve read so far this year:

  • Storm Cursed, Patricia Briggs
  • Black Ascot, Charles Todd
  • The Au Pair, Emma Rous
  • Women of the Dunes, Sarah Maine
  • Time and Regret, M.K. Tod

This year’s Audio:

  • Every Secret Thing, Emma Code
  • The Haunting of Maddy Clare, Simone St. James
  • An Inquiry Into Love and Death, Simone St. James
  • Silence for the Dead, Simone St. James
  • The Other Side of Midnight, Simone St. James
  • Lost Among the Living, Simone St. James
  • Mariana, Susanna Kearsley
  • The Splendour Falls, Susanna Kearsley
  • The Shadowy Horses, Susanna Kearsley
  • Named of the Dragon, Susanna Kearsley

 Here’s Happy Reading for us all and may it bring you delight and discovery!

One thought on “Summer Reading – 2019 Edition

  1. I love the way your pleasure reading sends you off onto educational escapades! It is the heart of what it means to learn. Sharon Kay Penman was also my introduction to 13th century Wales and England. I learned a lot of things that I’d never encountered in school.

    The girls and I are reading Alice in Wonderland together this summer. 12-year-old is currently reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, teen edition. I don’t really have a summer reading list, as I just started taking some online classes. School and summer activities are cutting into my reading time considerably since the time I usually spend reading in the evening,s I spend doing class work.

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