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Reading Update

Well, Time and Regret didn’t cut the mustard for me, which is rather a shame since it had most of the elements which pretty much guarantee a great experience:  time slip, WWI era, family mystery to uncover, discovering new love, awesome location…

Problem was I just could not get into it – the MC didn’t really work for me and I could never get a good picture of her in my head, so I ended up substituting myself (which never turns out well).  The love interest was, I hate to say, rather boring – and this surprised me as well, since he owns/runs a museum, and I’m rather all over that.  The war story and romance were rather, well, ho-hum.  Even the horribleness of trench warfare was meh.

I think what’s happening is that I have read too many truly excellent books and now have little to no patience for less than perfect execution.  It makes the others seem like wannabees and that makes me impatient.

The Hubs suggested that I lay off the fiction for a while.  So far, he’s not been an enthusiastic champion of my choices which tend to fashion, decorating, cooking, history, monarchs, war, castles, churches, and murders.  It would seem that he rather thought I’d spend time reading on investing and retirement and budgeting.  The man’s been married to me for three years now – at what point did he not get that I don’t do that.  I’m a romantic at heart, and when not working (with gargantuan amounts of financial and contractual detail all day long), I want to read what I want to read.  And I think he should read what he wants to read. He won’t actually come out and say that he thinks I should “better my mind” (and this is a good thing, because my mind’s quite fabulous and also I’d probably knock him into next month), but I gather that the general gist is as follows:  Mayveypants is entirely too frivolous and should pursue some more sober activities.  That’s really not going to happen for a couple reasons – (1) I don’t want to and (2) I don’t want to.

Here’s what I really want:  The new Jim Butcher book which has been in development for like 5 years and I need to establish a start date for Storm Front  so I can finish Skin Game just in time for release day of Peace Talks.  For those of you who do not know this, I read ALL the Dresden books (in order) right up until the new release.  Adding to the pressure, the new Patricia Briggs won’t be out until May so there’s that wait (I shall probably take that Tuesday off from work so read the whole thing in happiness).

That’s all the time I have for this little update.  Tonight Iseult is coming over for dinner and I’m thrilled, since haven’t seen her in a couple weeks and she only lives like 8 miles from the house.  I miss my girls so much – it’s hard to not have them at home.  But I do have this little muffin:

I helps my mommy get ready in the morning

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