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Happy 2019

And Good Riddance to 2018 (and 2017 and 2016 for that matter).

Thought I’d give a quick update on current events here in Maeveyville.

The Hubs and I have been sick for two weeks – both concurrently and consecutively.  Neither of us has a particularly fabulous bedside manner, so things have been both snotty and grumpy Chez Us.  He got sick first – I saw it coming and told him to go to the doctor, which he did.  Problem is he also went to work – and he works in a really crap environment (secure lock-down kind of environment) where it’s loud and cold and miserable.  Within a day he was completely knocked off his feet.  I tried to be helpful – I bought soup and sherbet and everything else he wanted.  I got the softy tissues and throat lozenges and special soothing tea.

How was I repaid for this?

I caught an even cruddier version than he had (fine – he nearly caught pneumonia, but I ended up with a stomach/intestinal virus which just about pushed me over the edge).  We spent TWO weekends with this crud and although I’m pretty much recovered, he still looks like crap.

We have a cat – did I mention that last year?  Well, we do.  I’m not a cat person, but we wandered into the shelter one afternoon looking for a dog and then the Little Precious stuck her paw out of her cage and I just wrapped myself around it – so she came home with us (that was in December of 2017).  The Hubs and I are completely goofy about her and she know it!

What else… Oh yes – Angharad graduated from college (finally), moved to Greenville and got herself (in this order as she planned) a (great) job, an apartment and a boyfriend.  She’s loving being on her own and send me pics of her weekend cooking.  We have not met the BF, but he sounds nice.

Iseult?  Well, she’s living with roommates downtown, working crap jobs and trying to decide what she wants to do with her life.  I fret and The Hubs keeps telling me to stay out of it and let her figure out for herself that poverty sucks and that maybe she should change paths.  It’s not in  my nature to stand down when I see my kids skipping along the cliff edge, but I am trying to step back and let her figure things out for herself.

I have discovered Audible and it is truly a lifesaver.  I have an hour’s commute to work and instead of listening to the news (which aggravates me) or continuously looking for some good music (which I can’t ever seem to find), I listen to novels.  This past summer I listened to all of Simone St. James’ books and it was lovely!  I highly recommend for anyone who has to commute (your choice of books is, of course, your own).

Two weeks ago I cut all my hair off and it’s awesome – I also colored it a very dark red and am loving it!  Totally worth the three hours in the chair.

Haven’t cooked or baked anything interesting in a while, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. There is a recipe over on Smitten Kitchen for these sausage meatball-stuffed savoy cabbage leaves which look so tasty and now that the sickness seems to have passed, I’ll probably try them.

I have been reading a lot – and Thank Goodness, because I’d seemed to lose my interest (OK, I’d lost interest in everything and everyone) but the hunger seems to be back.  Right now I’m reading “Time and Regret” by M.K. Tod and I’ll try and post a review when I’m done.

Ok, that’s all for now – need to get back to work, but hope to have more to post tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Happy 2019

  1. I hope y’all feel better soon – that’s awful, especially the stomach thing. So, Audible – I cannot get into it and I’m not sure why. I LOVE long form podcasts, so I thought Audible would be right up my alley. The narrators start to grate on me and I lose the story, mostly. I also don’t particularly enjoy contemporary fiction, and that’s most of what my book club reads and most of what I’ve tried to listen to, so another contributing factor. Happy New Year, love!

    1. I’ve been listening to Simone St James. I love her work. First novel was The Haunting of Macy Clare and I loved it (I have read all her books, so this was like rereading a favorite).

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