The World’s Suckiest Wife

That would be me. Although I’m trying. It really came to me when I realized that we ate takeout every night last week because I didn’t feel like cooking. Also there was no food in the house because I didn’t feel like shopping.

I did try to make up for it somewhat over the weekend: changed bed linen; scoured bathroom; cleaned the dining room; baked a cake; dusted the floors; did all the laundry. No ironing though. I can’t actually locate the iron at present. I did a sort of shopping trip. We have stuff for sandwiches, coffee, and wine.

Tonight I’m going to cook something along the order of “grub” because that’s what was requested of me. Actually, this post will end right now so I can prepare the aforementioned “grub” and chill with a glass of Pinot Noir.

More later.

4 thoughts on “The World’s Suckiest Wife

  1. You’re transitioning back into working. It’s a rocky start. You’ll get back into the swing. Only your husband is the appropriate judge of your suckiness or lack thereof as a wife. He would no doubt disagree with your assessment.

    1. Oh Els! Here, this will make you laugh. So the Hubs and I are eating “grub” and watching the movie “Behind Enemy Lines” and then once it’s over I can help but launch myself into a huge rant about how that whole region had been a powderkeg for EVER and anyone remember June 28 1914??? And did Western Europe really think the breakup of Yugoslavia was going to be just peachy keen? Anyhoo…he found my little rant interesting. And all was quiet on our western front 😀

  2. So much change. I should write you.

    In local related news, DH decided to take the fam out to dinner tonight because I got my electrolytes out of whack at the gym last night and he didn’t want me to have to cook.

    1. We all really do have great guys. Best way I can describe things (for my relationship) is like this “listen Vesuvius, if you think I’m just going to like here like Pompeii when you blow your lid, you can forget about it”. Le Snort.

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