Wannabe Martha

Still trying to figure out which Martha

The World’s Suckiest Wife

That would be me. Although I’m trying. It really came to me when I realized that we ate takeout every night last week because I didn’t feel like cooking. Also there was no food in the house because I didn’t feel like shopping.

I did try to make up for it somewhat over the weekend: changed bed linen; scoured bathroom; cleaned the dining room; baked a cake; dusted the floors; did all the laundry. No ironing though. I can’t actually locate the iron at present. I did a sort of shopping trip. We have stuff for sandwiches, coffee, and wine.

Tonight I’m going to cook something along the order of “grub” because that’s what was requested of me. Actually, this post will end right now so I can prepare the aforementioned “grub” and chill with a glass of Pinot Noir.

More later.


All Good Things Must End

And so I will be going back to work starting next week.

You see, I’ve been a Stay-at-Home Princess for the last eight or so months (mostly b/c I’d gin stark raving lul, but that’s for smother time), but then my company called me last week and asked if I’d consider going back.

The Hubs and I discussed the pros ($$$$) and cons (actually getting up in the morning and putting on clothes) and he strongly encouraged it.

“But, so help me God, Maeve, I’m pulling the plug on it the minute I see a return of your brand of crazy. And get a housekeeper, because we need one and you’re terrible at it!” (That was the big caveat).

“But will there be any blog posts of substance?” You ask. Yes, I do hope so. I do miss it and the pleasure of conversing with friends. Plus some of the ridiculousness that’s been going on may just provide a little entertainment for y’all.

OK, Mack said I have to finish painting the kitchen before I go back to work; I’m still lounging in bed and no, I don’t really care that it’s 1415, but finish the painting project I will.

A bientot! (Sorry can’t get the cute accent mark, but it’s my phone do no great expectations. 😀 )