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Reality-Based Menu – Vacation Edition – Week 1

on January 11, 2016

I have officially put myself on vacation – not the typical vacation, but a dietary vacation. You see, I feel terrible all the time; I wake up tired and go to bed tired; I experience intense fatigue throughout the day; my focus and concentration are shot, along with enthusiasm, any sort of creativity; I can’t even enjoy reading because my brain just can’t keep track of what I’ve read. My body hurts – all over. Even walks on my beloved Folly Beach have ceased to be a pleasure and are more pain.

It was time to do something drastic.

Now I’m one of those persons who embrace change with all the enthusiasm of a toddler being put down for a nap. And all it takes are those foul words, “good for you,” and my inner obstinate mule starts kicking and screaming up a storm. But this is different. I’m just not me anymore and I can’t stand it.

So, what exactly is this vacation I’m taking? It’s Whole30™, that’s what.

I’m taking a vacation from the scale (that’s right – no scale for 30 days); no dairy, no grains; no legumes; no sugar of any kind. Well, isn’t that rather faddish of you, Maevey? And didn’t you already try the cavegirl routine and nearly pass out after two weeks just taking a 15-minute stroll through the neighborhood? And didn’t a whole slew of other awful things happen? Why yes, yes all that happened. But I’m not pulling a cavegirl thing. I’m not fasting; not eliminating carbohydrates. I’m not giving up coffee or tea or even juice or salt.

Here’s what I’m eating – lots of pork and fish and chicken and beef and eggs; potatoes (sweet and white); lots of salads; lots of fruit and veggies; olive oil and clarified butter; nuts and olives and pickles and pepperoncini. In short, I’m eating a crap load of tasty goodness.

It’s day three. It’s been tough, but every time a craving hit, I’d tell myself, “yeah, I’m kind of taking a break from that for a couple weeks.” You hear that – I’m taking a break. Not denying myself. Not living in a dietary purgatory. I’m taking a break; relaxing; chilling.

Here’s my menu for the week – and yay me!

  • Stuff I’m eating all day long (breakfast, lunch, etc.): Cauliflower-Watercress Soup; eggs (scrambled and hardboiled); tuna salad (I’m holding off the mayo and binding with my favorite lemon vinaigrette – soooo tasty); huge Honeycrisp apples; some Florida strawberries; oranges; ruby grapefruits.
  • Monday – Pan Roasted Chicken Thighs; Oven Roasted Cauliflower with Paprika; Celery Root & Walnut salad
  • Tuesday – It’s just me and I’m making a frittata with baby spinach and roasted tomatoes
  • Wednesday – Ground beef with onions and garlic (and some hot pepper flakes) over baked potato halves; broccoli
  • Thursday – Roast Pork Tenderloin; Hot Crash Potatoes; Green Beans
  • Friday – Rosemary Beef Skewers with Arugula Salad
  • Saturday – Coconut Curry Shrimp with Cucumber Slaw and Grilled Pineapple Slices
  • Sunday – Whole Roast Chicken, Pan Sauce, Rutabaga Fries; Mashed Potatoes
  • Now tell me, does that sound like deprivation to you? It sounds like heaven to me.

    Is it all easy-peasey-lemon-squeezy? Nope. Last night I got up about a thousand times to pee AND I had the worst sugar cravings. That was hard. But I still kept reminding myself that I was taking some time off from the Milk Duds™ for a couple weeks. Amazing how that works – just taking time off. A great good thing. And the more I frame this as a vacation, the more my head seems to be onboard – and more importantly, the beastly toddler who lives inside me is rather enthused as well.

    I’m not planning to turn this into another Whole30™ site – but the next couple weeks will indeed be reflecting this dietary vacation I’m on – and I’ll be posting a couple recipes just to drive home how delicious this time off can be.

    So, what’s cooking at your house?


    8 responses to “Reality-Based Menu – Vacation Edition – Week 1

    1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

      I had no idea that you were going through low energy issues and stuff like that. I hope that the diet helps. Speaking of diets, they’re not too popular with bears.

    2. hearthie says:

      I can go there. Well,my gym is going there. 😀 I am, however, doing the version where I eat more mindfully – eat what my body wants, with special emphasis on the loveeely veggies that it craves and lots of protein. I may possibly have eaten a few too many beets last week. And bought more today. 😉

      Dunk tank dude recommended cutting calories more than I am comfortable with and eating 40/30/30 carb/fat/protein with tiny meals through the day. I spent some time thinking about that and … no. Just not going to irritate myself that much.

      We’re going to see how I do, loving myself with good food and lots of exercise, including more of the lifting that I love.

      • Maeve says:

        Indulging in the things you love IS the right frame of mind; I’m going there too, but I’m also taking a vacation from things which are really like shackles – the scale, for instance. These things which raise my anxiety level and yet are actually meaningless in a lot of ways. I keep hugging this “30 whole days of being on leave!!!!” It’s shocking what the brain will do when it gets the notion we’re in a stand-down mode.

        As for the beets? Why shouldn’t you gorge yourself on them? I’m currently in raptures over this ridiculous salad for julienne celeriac, roasted walnuts, parsley, and a super garlicky vinaigrette. Oh yes – and the soup – that crazy green soup that I can’t seem to stop chugging. Cauliflower is my new BFF in a lot of ways – last night I roasted it with olive oil and paprika and there’s leftovers in the fridge taunting me. I’m going to roast it with harissa next time (actually next week I’m making this fried-potatoes-and-onions with harissa and olives if I can find the site I pulled it from – can’t wait).

        K – back to the beets – what kind and how are you cooking/eating them? I’m rather horrified to say that I haven’t eaten them since a kid (when forced ONCE); but when one is on vacation, one tries new things, so…….. 🙂

    3. […] So Maeve mentioned a while back that she was doing something called a Whole 30. She said she felt amazing, better than she had in years as a result of adopting this way of eating. Curious, I went to do some recon and just as quickly wondered why on earth anyone would DO such a thing. After thinking about it a bit more and running it by my daughter, I figured it might not hurt for me to take a month and give my body a good long rest from eating junk of any kind. Besides, I had a race coming up and some extreme nutrition might be just the ticket to get me running a little better. […]

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