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Reality-Based Menu – Après Thanksgiving Edition

on November 30, 2015

Have you finally consumed the last of the leftovers?

We ended up with last-minute guests, which was wonderful!  And yet the leftovers…..so many many leftovers.  There’s a reason I only cook this food once a year – I may only actually cook it one time, but we seem to eat it endlessly.  Time to move on.

This week’s menu is deliberately lighter – still every-day easy, but hopefully also a little more “swish” as my mother would say.

  • Monday – Watercress Cauliflower Soup; Crispy Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs; salad
  • Tuesday – Girls at their Dad’s; I have plans
  • Wednesday – Steak Kebabs; Arugula-Cucumber-Scallion Salad
  • Thursday – Ham & Gruyere Omelets; Shaved Fennel, Radish & Apple Salad
  • Friday – Pork Chops; Garlicky Broccoli; Rice (link below)

I know what you’re thinking:  “Erm…exactly how reality-based is that menu, there, Maevey?  We KNOW what you’re like.”

True. But here’s the thing.  I actually have most of the ingredients at the house and I kind of need to use them.  Tonight’s chicken is thawing right now; for the soup I’m doing a short-cut and using frozen cauliflower (GASP – Frozen Veggies!!! My Word!); I have canned stock (seriously, when do I have the time to make stock – and I actually like to make it).  The kebabs are super easy:  cubed sirloin; marinated for a few minutes with a lovely rosemary/salt/garlic rub – broiled for about 5 minutes total; the salad takes a grand total of 5 minutes to toss.  The Omelets – frankly, this is the weakest link – there’s more work involved in this meal than the entire rest of the week – we shall see.  Pork Chops, broccoli, rice (do, please, stop over here – this is my favorite way to cook broccoli).

You see, it’s really not quite that big a deal.  I’m feeling pretty good about, but also am  not going to beat myself up if Chinese Takeout shows up one night.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday (feel free to post updates, including any rants if necessary, LOL).

So, what’s cooking at your place this week?




8 responses to “Reality-Based Menu – Après Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Ok, I meant to ask this last week, but how is stuffing in a bundt pan considered stuffing, not dressing. Inquiring minds want to know. 😉

    We had turkey on Thursday and Friday and then my husband, for a change, bought some fish for Saturday (I was at work until dinner time). Last night we had turkey pot pie, which was big enough for the guys to finish tonight while I’m at work. I still have the carcass and will make stock in the crockpot tonight for Wednesday night soup.

    Other than that, we are NOT having turkey, but I haven’t figured out what we are having. I have loads of food in the freezer so it’s just a matter of my looking in and deciding what to make with the time and energy I possess this week (not much, I can tell you). Definitely reality-based cooking this week.

    Alas, my husband is not at all fond of Chinese takeout, but he will cheerfully make himself a sandwich (or two or three) if I can’t manage dinner for some reason. So it’s all good.

    • Maeve says:

      LOL – I suppose it IS technically dressing, but I’m going to call it stuffing no matter how I cook it – as opposed to dressing, which in my mind is made with cornbread. Angharad took a pic of the stuffing once we unmolded it – I’ll get her to send it to me and post.

  2. Ah, ok. I stuffed the bird and did the rest in a casserole and then mixed them together before serving. I use regular white bread in mine. It’s my mom’s recipe and I love it so why mess with a good thing?

    • Maeve says:

      We made my mother’s recipe, too. Celery, onion, poultry seasoning, butter, cubed white bread (I used texas toast). I don’t mess with it either. Actually, Angharad made it this year and it was soooo good.

      • Almost identical to my mom’s except she put walnuts in which gives it a little bit of crunch. She always cut the bread ahead of time and let it dry out for a day or so. I forgot so I cut it and put it in the oven for several minutes to kinda toast it which helped it keep its shape better. Good for your daughter. None of my boys were here this year and none seem too interested in turkey roasting (yet).

  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    This video has nothing to do with anything but, I am so glad this woman lives in Alaska, where I don’t.

    Someone made a parody. Too funny.

  4. hearthie says:

    No, we haven’t finished the l/o but today is the day what’s left goes in the soup pot. (I made my turkey on Friday, don’t freak out).

    Monday: Turkey enchiladas
    Tuesday: I dunno, I will probably do something with turkey soup. I said I wouldn’t, but I very well might. Maybe I’ll snag some ground out of the freezer and make burritos?
    Wednesday: Out
    Thursday: I’ll go to the grocery store and figure it out, but it won’t be poultry.
    Friday: See Thursday.

  5. Mrs. C says:

    Leftovers were finished on Monday.
    Tonight I made Rigatoni, salad, garlic bread (plus one extra rigatoni for the freezer)
    Thurs-Chicken Noodle Soup and salad

    Not real exciting this week….

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