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Reality-Based Menu – Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel Edition

on November 10, 2015

Read and weep:

  • Monday – Chili (yep – that was it – while working or doing homework)
  • Tuesday – Roasted Cauliflower Carbonara (maybe) – and the only reason for this is that there actually IS a cauliflower in my refrigerator; also eggs and parmesan cheese (remember how I talked about maybe making it over the weekend?  Guess what?  I didn’t.  Quel surprise, non???).
  • Wednesday – Leftovers – because there’s still a lot of chili and there will probably be pasta
  • Thursday – Chicken-something and Salad (because there is chicken in the fridge and I have to cook it because there’s no room in the freezer because I go shopping and then don’t cook what I buy)
  • Friday – “The Tears of our Forefathers” (I saw that on FB a couple weeks ago and laughed so hard I damn near peed myself)
  • Weekend – I don’t know and I don’t care.  Nobody will starve.

This is a brutal week for me and for the people who live with me.  There are tests, play practice, the actual play itself, and there is work – a great deal of gut-churning, migraine-inducing work.  It’s always like this one week out of the month – this would be that week.

It’s these times when nobody cares about eating, but we should.  I know that good meals would help, but that would require a level of attention which is not possible from anyone.    Frankly, if I could, I’d order takeout every night just to cut myself a break (Well, Maevey, why don’t you just go ahead and order takeout every night?  Because instead of thinking ahead and planning, I spent the takeout budget on actual groceries.  Le Sigh).

Please, somebody tell me that you’re inspired to cook something nice for your family this week (it will give me hope…)



5 responses to “Reality-Based Menu – Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel Edition

  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If you have extra chili, how about chili cheese dogs with onions? While that’s not much help, it’s somehing. Bears are not much help in the kitchen. See video.

    I love the bar’s remarks.

  2. hearthie says:

    Yesterday I made chicken salad, with bread on the side for the bread-eaters. DH said, “something simple and light” – check. I made a LOT of chicken…. I was hungry. We are finishing it off for lunch today.

    Tonight I’m going to make pork chops… I’m thinking pan-fried with lots of pepper, then a bone-broth gravy (hey, I made a LOT of bone broth) and some rice, and I have a couple of bags of kale from last week that didn’t get made up. I have some cranberry sauce I could open if I’m craving something like that – but I’m really the only one who likes it, so … eh. It’s fast, simple, and nutritious – it’s a busy night here, and we’ll be outdoors most of the afternoon, so we’ll be hungry.

    Wednesday is date night. The Boy will eat leftovers, The Girl will eat at church.

    Thursday night – cast iron seared steaks, salad, maybe baked potatoes, maybe risotto, carrots or peas. There are options, this is why I keep carrots and frozen peas around.

    And this is the answer to your question: If you send a woman who has just done a big workout to the store, what will she bring home? Meat. She’ll bring home meat. Resisting the sugar aisle was difficult, but I managed. Except for the prominently displayed cranberry sauce.

    • hearthie says:

      Annnnd… DH got off early yday, stopped by the chicken wings place, and got chicken wings. So we had a late afternoon chicken-wing meal, and very small portions of the porkchops. C’est la vie – lunch today, and 15yo boy can eat as much as he likes for dinner tonight!

  3. Hard week for cooking. It started out well over the weekend because I was home. I was out for work Monday night and yesterday until 8:30 and will be at work until closing again tonight. It’s hard to cook when you’re not physically present. So here was/is the plan:

    Sat: pork tenderloin, scalloped potatoes, brussel sprouts, and applesauce
    Sun: ham, sweet potatoes, broccoli
    Mon: leftovers
    Tues: my son and I were 45 minutes away from home at dinner so popped into Panera for soup (me) and sandwich (him); my step-son was given ravioli and broccoli; my husband did his own thing although I’m not quite sure what. There was plenty of ham left but I suspect he just snacked the night away ( his favorite thing to do)
    Wed: I will make a Mac n cheese casserole with the leftover ham and chopped broccoli with a salad and leave it for the guys.
    Thurs: beef bourguignon, bread, Apple salad
    Fri: chicken lightly seasoned, wild rice, green beans

    I cook when I’m home, but it’s hard to do when I’m homeschooling all day and then working all evening. So, sometimes the family has to fend for themselves, which is the price of my working so many hours these days. Or sigh, indeed.

  4. Mrs. C says:

    Fri – Middle dd brought home a really good report card so her dad chimed in that we would get takeout and she could pick. Can you believe she picked Burger King? I ended up having DH stop somewhere else for me and pick up a grilled chicken salad.

    Sat-Skillet Taco Mac that we were supposed to have the previous Wed and Thur.


    Mon- It was middle dd’s birthday and she picked Taco Bell. These kids are going to be the death of me. I got the chicken salad.

    Tues-Get your own dinner. Gee, we’re having a great food week aren’t we?

    Wed-Pierogi Haluski with sauteed cabbage, onion and smoked sausage. Sauteed apples on the side.


    Let’s hope next week is better!

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