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Friday Rant – Author Edition

on November 6, 2015

One of my guilty pleasure authors just jumped the shark and it pissed me off so much I’d have thrown the book, but it was an e-novella and I’m willing to destroy my Nook over that BS .

I don’t get too wrapped around the axle if authors slide some of their political/sociological/cultural/religious viewpoints in to their fiction, as long as it’s in keeping with story line and is with consistent with the characters as developed.  But, if you’re going to neuter (and that’s what she did) a hitherto fore well-defined character just so you can fling  about your prog-in-good-standing-card (or con card, but that wasn’t the case in this particular instance), well, EFF You.  I’m not buying your stuff anymore!

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced this author didn’t even write the novella.  Clumsy execution and boring as well.  Dammit!



12 responses to “Friday Rant – Author Edition

  1. hearthie says:

    Anybody I need to get my tissues out for?

    • Maeve says:

      It’s Thea Harrison, Hearth. not sure if you’ve read any of her Elder Races books? like I said GUILTY pleasure. Except this stupid novella.

      • hearthie says:

        Nope, I no longer have to fling myself to the couch weeping with you. I will, however, bring you a custard and a box of tissues – having BTDT with favorite authors who ended up in the trash can permanently more than once.

      • Maeve says:

        Well I don’t wish this disillusionment on anyone. Le Sniff.

  2. Mrs. C says:

    Aww…..I hate that bitter moment when you’re reading along with a perfectly good story and the author has to ruin it in some way. It’s always like a kick in the chest and you sit there stunned for a moment deciding if it’s worth going on. Just.so.disappointing.

  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is nothing that I can do to fix it. How about something other than a bear video. I hear that girls like Steve McQueen.

  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If you’re saying “Meh” to Steve McQueen, this is VERY serious.
    Per your request,

  5. I hate when that happens. 😦

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