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Reality-based Menu – Holding Steady Edition (Plus recipe link)

It’s Monday so this means we’re back for another rendition of “What’s Maevey going to attempt to cook at her house this week?”(heh!).

It’s even less impressive than prior weeks.

  • Tonight we are having Chicken Caesar Salads (we ended up not having them last week)
  • Tuesday – Girls are at their Dad’s and I’m making these Garlicky Smothered White Beans on Toast (but I’m adding some pancetta or bacon as well)
  • Wednesday – Chili & Els’ Cornmeal Biscuits
  • Thursday – Steak Skewers with Arugula Salad
  • Friday – everybody has plans, so no menu

Weekend – our weekends are hugely busy; I might make short ribs on Saturday (maybe – they’re easy, but you kind of have to check on them periodically); There’s a Roasted Cauliflower Carbonara with Burrata over at Love and Olive Oil which I’m dying to try, so maybe that.  Then out on Food52 I saw a great recipe for scallion pancakes and it occurred that this would be with a stir-fry.  Anyway, I’m not sweating any of it.  There is food in the house (most of it reasonably healthy) so nobody will starve.

This past weekend was sort of lazy for me.  Didn’t get a ton of things accomplished, but I work up this morning finally feeling like my head was clear.  Maybe I needed the downtime.

I’m going to try and publish a book post later on this week, but for right now, this is all I’ve got.

So, what’s cooking at your place?




6 thoughts on “Reality-based Menu – Holding Steady Edition (Plus recipe link)

  1. Fri-leftover chili, buttered dinner rolls

    Sat-ugh…..Burger King. It was our youngest’s baptism day anniversary and in addition to getting a little gift, she got to pick where we go for dinner. Darn kid’s meals with the toys to lure them in…..

    Sun-Get-Your-Own-dinner. Seriously, whatever they could find in the fridge was fair game.

    Mon- Chef Salads, Vanilla Pear Sauce (like applesauce), White cake w/ white buttercream icing and vanilla ice cream for All Souls Day.

    Tues-Butternut Squash Soup, Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

    Wed-Skillet Taco Mac and Broccoli Salad


    1. You make me laugh with the Burger King.
      In our house it’s pizza (and wings); i have the number on speed-dial, LOL.
      My menu’s getting a bit tweaked – girls are home tonight rather than at their Dad’s (although they may be there tomorrow – not sure at this point, which is fine) and I’m not sure I’ll be making the white beans. Might just go ahead and do the chili – if Iseult can handle it (kid’s stomach has been messing with her something awful since she was loading ibuprofen last fall – all kinds of things are giving her grief). And now I think i may have to run up to my office, which throws a whole other level of crazy into my day. Not going to sweat it though. there’s food in the house and nobody will starve.

      1. Pizza is big at our house too with the 15 and 13 yr olds. I was hoping the 6 yr old would pick that because we had a nice, little locally owned Italian restaurant open up and their food is so good. The chicken parm is delicious and they make great meatballs too. Instead, I got a crummy hamburger and the little dear got cheap plastic sunglasses that look like a sunflower to her great delight.

        That’s too bad about Iseult. Poor thing.

  2. Monday: Bratwurst, roasted potatoes & onions fried; peas
    Tuesday: Flat-iron steaks, rice, salad, ranch (homemade)
    Wednesday: Out, but I’m on Cooking Mom patrol tonight so I get to make spaghetti, salad and garlic bread for 25 girls and my son anyway…. 😀
    Thursday: Roast chicken, brown rice, kale, cauliflower
    Friday: Family day, dunno. May make the FACESS meeting, ???

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