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Reality-Based Menu – Third Edition

on October 26, 2015

My humble offerings this week….

  • Monday – Pan Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and Pearl Onions
  • Tuesday – Girls at their Dad’s house (I have plenty of options)
  • Wednesday – Garlicy Shrimp & Pasta; Salad
  • Thursday – Beef Stew (because chuck roast was on sale)
  • Friday – DIY Pizza (if they’re home)
  • Saturday – Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup (its Halloween and my neighborhood gets about a million kids, so need something easy)
  • Sunday – Not quite sure yet – maybe I’ll cook something in the crock pot (gasp!)

Once again I made myself miserable by going to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon, thereby casting a miserable pall on what had otherwise been a great day.  This week would be the time to shift my shopping day and get it all done and over with on Wednesday or Thursday.  Problem is, well, work.  Work interferes with much of my life.  Actually, it’s my lovely blog-pal, Mrs. C who has me rethinking the weekend shopping.  Confession time:  this is actually going to be extremely difficult for me.  I’m super linear in (some of) my way(s) of thinking and this one of those.  I think it’s because I associate M – F with WORK and the weekends with Household.  I just can seem to fit the shopping into my routine in an organic way – it’s always an interruption of some sort.  It’s worth trying to change my habit (and possibly my attitude) though.  Will report on this next week.

Made continued progress on my house project over the weekend.  I emptied two more storage boxes of crap (no, there isn’t a better word for it) so now have a greatly improved garage.  Moved a storage cupboard from my office to the garage and got rid of some really dilapidated shelves.  The office looks so much better.  Then, because my project has largely kept me from regular housework, I did a major cleaning of the living room, which included cleaning the floors (and indulged my Inner Martyr by cleaning them the old fashioned way – with a bucket and rag).

You’re probably wondering what part the minions play in all of this.  Well, besides working and tons of homework, they have project assigned to them.  I’ve also kept Iseult busy running to the thrift store with donations (now that she has her license I’m putting it to good use).

Progress really is a series of baby steps.  I’ve stopped worrying about the size/number of steps themselves and focus on momentum.  (Also, when I think I haven’t accomplished anything, I take a quick trip out to the trash/recycling bins and observe how they’re full.)

Well, that’s where we are at my house.  What’s cooking at your place?



10 responses to “Reality-Based Menu – Third Edition

  1. I plan Friday to Thursday since I go to the grocery store on Friday afternoons on my way home from work. It’s worth the madhouse because then I’m set for the weekend and don’t have to go out on Sunday other than church (I work most Saturdays and have Thursdays off, but Thursday is the one day that I don’t have to leave my house so I don’t).

    F: salmon with sauce (I’m experimenting with simple sauces for fish; this time I made a red wine reduction with scallions–easy and delicious; rice; green beans
    Sa: chicken and vegetables in crock pot – I was at work all day so I came home, threw in some green beans, and half hour later I had dinner; a new recipe but everyone liked it
    Su: pork roast, stuffed acorn squash, homemade applesauce
    M: leftovers (I work on Monday evenings)
    Tu: Quiche, spinach salad, roasted carrots
    W: pizza (I work from 1-9 so the guys will do their thing with frozen pizza)
    Th: beef stew; homemade bread; waldorf salad

    I like to cook but don’t have lots of time most weeks so I play around on Sundays and sometimes on Thursdays (my day off). Of course, I also homeschool my son so some days dinner ends up being pasta if I run too far behind. Realism is the key to not getting overwhelmed over here. 🙂

    • Maeve says:

      I get thrown because of the crazy schedules – not just mine. It’s requiring me to rethink menu planning and meal preparation – already a challenge. Some nights they’re not here (at Dad’s, etc.). Some nights late with school/work, etc. This is all requiring a readjustment of my own thought processes and I’m finding it extremely difficult. Maybe I should just fill up the freezer with Stouffers and have some salad stuff in the fridge. OK – that sounds horrible, LOL.

      • You need back up simple meals for the crazy nights and “treat” meals for you when you are alone. I did it for years. I keep frozen pasta on hand and the ingredients for easy things. For instance, Tuesday is quiche even though I don’t get home from work until 5:30. I either have an extra pie crust in the freezer that I pull out before leaving for work or I buy Pillsbury crusts. I use frozen vegetables (cook lightly in microwave), pre-shredded cheese, and eggs/cream/seasoning. In about 20 minutes I can get a quiche in the oven, sit down for 15 minutes and take the last 15 minutes to slice bread or make a salad. This week I will throw some carrots in the oven and they will finish about the same time.

        You’re right. It’s just re-thinking your routine. I had to do the same when I went back to work.

        When my kids were with their dad, I had at least one treat meal a month–good fish or a crabmeat quiche or spanakopita or something I really loved but couldn’t afford to buy enough for four. It helped those nights seem not so dim. Praying for you.

  2. Mrs. C says:

    Maeve, even as a SAHM mom I see my Thursday shopping day as an interruption of “what I’m trying to accomplish” at home. You’re right that it’s a mental thing because it tends to be a break in the daily routine which is busy enough. The years I had a child in the house, whether my own or one who I was babysitting who was under 18 mos, I shopped in the evening instead when DH could take over childcare. Usually taking children of any age to the store, especially when you hit the sales at two or three, is nerve wracking but I’ve always found that under 18 mos. was a special kind of torture. Maybe an evening trip during the week would work for you too? I used to go around 7pm so the after work rush was over and I was able get through the stores quicker.

    As for my menu, I forgot to post the one I made starting last Fri. so I’ll put it here. It’s not real exciting at all this week. No creativity but, hey everyone’s fed.

    Fri-Tortellini and red sauce. No sides as we were rushing out the door to get to the high school football game and I knew the girls would want stuff from the concession stands anyway.

    Sat-Chicken with Roasted Asparagus and Pasta. Side salad.

    Sun-Leftovers and added some garlic bread

    Mon-Taco salad with all the fixings

    Tues-leftovers (trying to get rid of an abundance of romaine lettuce and red/green bell peppers in the fridge.)

    Wed-Chili and jalapeno cheddar quick bread

    Thur-Pizza (It’s our Trick-or-Treat night and between homework -why oh why do the teachers give homework on this night?-dinner and clean up and trying to get everyone in costume there’s no time for cooking and washing pots and dishes. Paper plates are a must!)

    Good for you with the house organizing progress. I’m cleaning out and reorganizing kitchen cupboards today in my effort to get ready for the holidays.

  3. hearthie says:

    My mom used to religiously use Saturday morning (early!) as her errand time. The earlier you tackle groceries, the less painful it is. (Or later – just never around dinner time). But she was a morning person, so it’s not like she wasn’t up anyway. Do what works for you. We were out at Joanne’s buying last minute costume stuff for 11yo yesterday and it was a zoo and a half. :p Errands on weekends bite.

    As for menu, it’s just the ultra basics until I get back from the store – I tend to go with what’s on sale in the vegetative world. Steak tonight, beef stew tomorrow, chicken on Thursday.

    DH wanted to start emptying out the deep freeze, so we made the Boy’s Town pot full of stock this weekend – I’m going to be dealing with that today. It might almost be done cooling down… :p (Takes two hours for the pot to come to a boil, it’s that big). But my freezer will be re-full of looooovely beef stock, so win! 😀

  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is another side to shopping on Sunday that you may not realize. In grocery stores, the staff is paid a premium for working Sundays,. So, they schedule a minimum crew. There is no possibility of restocking . Just taking care of the customers is about all. By Tuesday, they’re caught up.. Not the best day to go shopping.
    I have a different set of problems. I can’t get any service.

  5. Maea says:

    I used to take care of grocery shopping late at night on Fridays, or very early on Saturdays. Less people, and less hassle.

    • Maeve says:

      Welcome to my sandbox, Maea. 😀

      I suppose my real gripe is that’s it’s not just a matter of going to the store; there’s a whole flippin process; even thinking about it is fatiguing.

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