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Reality-based Menu – Week Deux

on October 19, 2015

Last week went fairly well.  We had some successes and some not-so successes.  C’est la Vie!

This week I’m also going for a reality-based, what’s in the freezer that can be cooked menu as well.

Here’s where I am so far:

  • Monday – Spaghetti and salad.  I already have the meat sauce (made it last week) so that’s good for a Monday (mine are always hectic)
  • Tuesday – Chicken Caesar Salad (I know it doesn’t feel like a fall dish, but we love it.
  • Wednesday – Slow Cooker brown sugar glazed pork tenderloin.  This is truly delicious – I made it the week before last and we loved it.  I still have plenty of glaze, so that’s an extra bonus.
  • Thursday – Steak Kebabs (I’m never quite sure of the correct spelling) & salad (arugula, cucumber, scallion, lemon vinaigrette); roasted cauliflower
  • Friday – DIY dinner

I’ve given in to the reality that I (and the offspring) are exhausted come evening.  We’ve been going hard all day since 0600 and the thought of engaging in complex meal preparation, not to mention a seemingly interminable clean-up afterwards, just doesn’t sit well.

I’m actually going to the grocery store this afternoon – the list is fairly small (most of it involves stuff for lunches) and I have the refrigerator pretty well cleaned out.  Have also been going through the freezer and using the contents as the basis of this week’s menu.  It amazes me how one can forget about the content’s of one’s freezer; particularly when the top level is butter and ice cream and waffles.  Once you start to dig, well, there’s all sorts of hidden treasure.

Weekends continue to be a challenge.  You’d think I’d be more motivated; have more time; get a bit more creative, wouldn’t you?  Well you’d be wrong.  I’m just as busy, but with other things.  Nevertheless, this business of not hammering myself over meals has taken a huge load off of me.  So, you’re thinking, why not have the minions do some of the cooking?  Well, they do.  But often they’re bogged down with homework and Angharad often gets home so late we’d be eating at 8 – and at that point, my finger’s on the phone to the local pizza joint.

One thing I’m planning to do (which I haven’t done in a long time) is get a couple rotisserie chickens from the grocery store and freeze the meat.  I used to do this all the time as a shortcut for chicken tacos or enchiladas or chicken soup.  It is a huge timesaver and works well for emergencies.  I might also cook up some ground beef and freeze that as well, also as a time saver.  We’ll see – I’m a bit reluctant to start projecting all sorts of great plans and then not executing them and getting down on myself.

I’ll post a mid-week update (just to keep me honest 🙂   ).

Anyway, what’s cooking Chez Vous this week?


11 responses to “Reality-based Menu – Week Deux

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m trying this reuben in a bowl, bought rye bread for the family to make sandwiches. I tried pastrami and decided it tastes like bologna, we usually use corned beef, so I don’t know how well the pastrami is going to go over.

    Also bought some frozen hamburger patties for cheeseburgers.

    We will probably have spaghetti this week too.

    I haven’t planned anything else yet, probably something mexican from the freezer.

    Your steak kebabs sound delicious.

    • Maeve says:

      I looove pastrami (the kind that’s coated in black pepper). I always warm it up in butter and then pile on rye with swiss and onion – thereby making transforming a nice lean meat into a fat-fest, LOL.

      I’m going to check out that Reuben in a bowl – it sounds really interesting.

      Mostly, these days, I’d just like to have some lovely meals instantly appear with no effort on my part whatsoever. And the dishes done. And the housework and laundry. Bwaaahaaaa

  2. Mrs. C says:

    I know what you’re saying about finding things in the freezer. Once in a while I’ll go a month without buying any meat or freezer items to thin out what we already have.

    I’m liking your rotisserie chicken plans too.

    I’ll be back this week to post my menu for next week once I get it done. Probably Wednesday.

    • Maeve says:

      Hmmm… maybe I’ll do a periodic rotisserie-chicken-recipe feature. Seriously, though, when they go o sale, it can be a great buy – often less than a whole chicken and the work’s already done (double-plus-good).

  3. Elspeth says:

    Someone likes Halloween, LOL.

    Yesterday we had salmon on the grill, smashed potatoes,butter garlic asparagus, and apple tart. Tonight is chicken enchiladas, tomorrow is black bean soup. Wednesday is this:


    Thursday is TBD, and Friday is burger night.

    • Maeve says:

      That chicken recipe looks delish – let me know how the family liked it (always looking for something new to do with chicken, ya know). Have you seen the Jamie Oliver recipe for chicken cooked in milk? Periodically it will pop up seemingly EVERYWEHRE as “the best chicken in the world”. I remain skeptical).

      And yes – I do love Halloween and all the little kids in their princess and super hero costumes. Some friends of mine with very small children do a family costume theme; one year they were Charlie Brown and Lucy and the baby was the Football; last year they were packages and Dad was the UPS guy; not sure what she’s planned for this year. Which reminds me – must brave Walmart and pick up “treats”.

  4. hearthie says:

    I snagged some pre-marinated carne asada at the store today, which we had with the usual pile of condiments (fresh guac!) and beans.

    Tomorrow I’m going to be very naughty and make biscuits and sausage gravy, with a green salad.

    Wed is Date Night.

    Thursday I’m making a chuck roast and some cauliflower and carrots and baby potatoes. (This is very easy to make).

    Most of this is pretty straightforward to make and consume. I’m really tired today so it’s just as well. Anyway, I’m amused at the concept of LEFTOVERS. I have a 15yo boy. Leftovers? What are those?

  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Halloween’s coming up. This trick or treater wasn’t wearing a costume.

  6. Great idea about the rotisserie chickens. We have a store that sells good meaty ones for $4.99. Maybe I need to plan on those twice a month and use the extra one for freezing. I may be getting more hours at work soon (plus the homeschooling and homemaking) so I expect I will need even more short cuts than I am using now.

    • Maeve says:

      It’s a huge timesaver Magistra – I’m going grocery shopping today and (I think) we’re going to have chicken tacos for dinner. Maybe. We’re a little chicken-ed out at the moment.

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