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Reality-based Menu for a Change

on October 13, 2015

This week’s menu is not particularly inspiriting, but there is a good 75% chance that I’ll actually cook it.

Let’s start with yesterday – we were going to have tacos, until Iseult declared that it should be pancakes instead.  I told her, “have at it sweetcakes”.  So she made pancakes (I though they were rather sucktastic myself, but then I’m not a huge fan of pancakes – particularly when they’re chock full of chocolate chips).

Today (Tuesday) – wasn’t sure what I was going to make, but then this tasty one-pot chicken recipe showed up this morning in my FB Feed and I’m going to do a variation of it with chicken drumsticks and baby gold potatoes and leftover pearl onions.  It sounds tasty and I’m kind of busy today, so this fits our needs rather well.  Plus I have all the ingredients.

Wednesday – Seared chuck tender steak medallions (OK, I’m really no exactly sure what cut of meat they are, but that’s what they’re called at my local Publix and they’re waaay less expensive than tenderloin and super tasty); PB-coated sweet potato fries, green beans.

Thursday – Something with ground beef – maybe spaghetti and meatballs. And salad.  Or maybe soup of some kind.  It depends.  I saw a recipe for a white bean soup with dark greens that sounds pretty yum so might try that.

Friday – I have plans and they  have plans.

Well, that’s where we are.  What’s cooking at your place?


5 responses to “Reality-based Menu for a Change

  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go to the zoo and visit the small humans.

  2. Mrs. C says:

    My menus usually run from Fri-Thur since Thur is the day I grocery shop

    Fri-Hubby ordered hoagies from co-worker’s child’s fundraiser and I’ll make a broccoli salad to go with it.

    Sat-French Toast Souffle, bacon and sausage links, fresh fruit

    Sun-Lasagna and simple green salad (will make a 2nd lasagna for the freezer along with today’s)

    Mon-leftovers (will probably make Chocolate Yummies which are just a simple no-bake cookie since there’s no meal to make today.

    Tues-Roasted Chicken w/ Apple, Onion and Cider Sauce, Roast Veggie Medley (Red Potato, Red and Green Pepper, Onion), Dinner Rolls (will throw two chickens in the oven and freeze the meat from the 2nd in 12 oz portions for casseroles and soups)

    Wed- Chicken Salad w/ Romaine, green peppers, tomato, onion and oven baked fries

    Thur-Make-your-own-Sandwich and a salad (Thursdays are jam packed. It’s my shopping day, one daughter has art club after school, other daughter has Chorus and both have Girl Scouts. This is all packed into the late afternoon and early evening so I either have sandwiches or thaw a casserole from the freezer as I’m the chauffeur for all this)

    • Maeve says:

      I like that your shopping day is Thursday – I might try that. Inevitably my weekend revolves around “will she or won’t she get to the store” what with all the other things I have going on. Or, worse (in my opinion), I don’t get to do the fun things I’d like to do because GROCERY STORE.

      Also, I keep forgetting how much my family dynamics have changed – the girls aren’t little kids and they have lives of their own and are just as likely to pick up something on their way to whatever things they’re off to. Then I’m stuck looking at a refrigerator full of food and not wanting to cook something major for myself. It’s taking time, but I’m getting there.

      Going with the Flow isn’t exactly my strong suit, unfortunately.

      • Mrs. C says:

        I like shopping on Thursday because it’s not as busy as on the weekend and I can stock up for when the kids and hubby will be home more. I try to go at 9 am after I drop the littlest at school because I can take advantage of the best markdowns before they get sold out.

        What about making some freezer meals for yourself when you do cook a big dinner? That way for those nights the girls aren’t joining you, you will have something to grab quick. Just a thought…

      • Maeve says:

        I’m definitely going to try and rethink the grocery shopping. Also am looking at getting a small freezer for the garage so I can take advantage of good sales.

        one thing I used to do (and may just go back to) was cooking a ham or turkey (not large) once a week and we would have it for dinner one night then lunches or snacking or whatever throughout the week. It did work out pretty nicely – might try with a roast beef.

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