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Bon Jour

Well now, that was a nice long tantrum, wouldn’t you say?

No, there isn’t much here now, but I’m going back to menu planning – but differently; and by that I mean more reality-based.  See, my menus tended to be somewhat pie-in-the-sky; then when inevitably my actual life conflicted with my highfalutin menus, well, I’d get all angsty.  Even worse – I got jealous of my dear friends who posted lovely menus and actually cooked them.  You see how horrible I really am?  I’m jealous that people I like are cooking nice meals for their families.

For shame, Maevey!  For Shame!.

But I’m thinking things are a bit better now. Fall is here (kind of sad I crapped away Summer, but oh well…) and I’m feeling somewhat newly energized. I’ve been doing some hard-core reevaluations of life Chez Maeve et Filles and am making great strides on creating the life I actually want.  You know, put up or shut up kind of thing.

Basically, I want to get back to talking about the things I like – food, books, family craziness, etc.

And with that note, on the book front, for the last month have been catching up on the adventures of Mr. Harry Dresden, Wizard Extraordinaire; I’m up to Changes.  Anyway, yesterday some anticipatory anxiety began setting in:  what shall you read once you’re done with Skin Game?  Well, can you believe I’ve not read any of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan novels?  I can’t either.  What gives?  So they’re next.  Ok, they’re next after I catch up on Thomas Sniegoski’s Remy Chandler novels – newest one is out, A Deafening Silence in Heaven.  Plus I’m also hankering to read Susanna Kearsley’s Mariana.  (I read Splendour Falls last month and it was just wonderful, now I’m her newest fangurl.  Le Sigh).

OK, that’s all.

9 thoughts on “Bon Jour

  1. Maeve, I’m with you on the menu planning. The thing is, no matter what you plan you never know what the actual day is going to bring or how you’re going to feel. Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking a big meal or you’re too tired. One thing I’ve found is that if I’m doing great keeping up with menus and making fancy or more involved dinners, then I end up dropping the ball on other things. There are only so many hours in the day. I’m not sure how you feel about leftovers but I try to plan for them and to cook enough that I really only have to cook three or four days a week. Simpler but wholesome recipes and lots of it so you can cook once and eat twice. Know what my family is eating tonight? Frozen pizzas. Yep. I spent the day making a pan a brownies and two cakes for the freezer so other than making some cole slaw (also easy) for a little nutrition to go with the pizza, I’m done. Chicken stir fry with brown rice was on the menu but the heck with that.

    I’m really glad you’re going to be posting once in a while. I miss hearing from you.

    1. I missed chatting with y’all too. And the other thing that happened is that I’d try to write – and blech – nothing. Plus, I got a little tired of the whole poor-me thing and always raining on the parade. I don’t like it in other people and I certainly don’t like it in myself. And I didn’t really want to delete my blog, so it just seemed easier to take it private for a bit until I (mostly) got over myself.

      Also nothing wrong with frozen pizza. I’m kind of thinking English Muffin pizzas might show up here.

  2. You know, I never got the impression that you were “poor me.” In fact, I always liked the “real’ in your posts. Some blogs only show the “near perfect” and good stuff but there’s a touch of unreality about that. Life is tough and there is joy mixed with pain in most situations.

    1. Mrs. C. – we are sooooo far from perfect Chez Moi that it’s not even a speck in the distance. Frankly, the fact that the offspring survive some days is only a testament to God’s will and not my own. Because they’d be toast and I’d be off to Tahiti. Or France. Or Scotland. Or pretty much anywhere with extremely strong alcoholic beverages. LOL

  3. Maeve,
    You were missed! I don’t think anyone loves bear videos as much as you. It was hard on me not linking them but, you had to be going through withdrawal.

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