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So….How About Some Menu?

on June 16, 2015

Erm.  Yes.  I’ve been dink on the whole posting thing. But we have been eating – nothing inspiring, mind you.  Actually, I’m still not all that inspired, but  here goes anyway…

Monday – Roast Pork, Saffron Rice, Cuban Black Beans

Tuesday – Grilled Sirloin,  Israeli Salad, Steamed Lentils

Wednesday – Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Thursday – Try a New Recipe – Lettuce Salad with Hot Beef Dressing

Friday – Everyone does their own thing and I have dinner plans with friends

In other random news…

I went through something of a reading dry spell.  I bought a bunch of books, but then couldn’t bring myself to read.  Am wondering if it has to do with the medium; I spend all day staring at a computer screen; then I look at the Nook or Kindle and think to myself, “stare at screen some more?”  It’s just not moving me.  Does anyone else miss paper? Nevertheless, last week (I think – maybe it was the week before), I picked up Amanda DeWees’ “Sea of Secrets” (a Victorian Romantic Suspense – along the lines of a Gothic, but just this side of “not”) and to my delight, discovered something of a tribute to the Bard of Avon!  No, I won’t tell you which one – read it yourself and find out.  This sort of pulled me out of my funk – well, that and the announcement of a new theatre production of Hamlet which will ALSO be filmed and then distributed worldwide on 15 October for National Theatre Live.  Now, I may no be able to get myself all the way to London to see the production, but your can bet your sweet bippee I’ll find a way to watch it on screen somewhere stateside.

From the world of cooking – Nigella Lawson is coming out with a new cookbook “Simply Nigella” which will be out on 03 November 15 (Dear Santa, I want this).  I own several of her cookbooks (How to be a Domestic Goddess, Nigella Feast, Nigella Express) and they’re terrific.  So even though I’m about to go through another culling of the cookbooks, hers will stay.

On the home front – my office declutter project is nearly complete.  I can’t quite bring myself to reveal how many years’ of old paperwork I went through and pitched.  After wearing out the motor on a new shredder, I decided that the best thing was to just take advantage of a shredding service.  Best $20 I ever spent.  There’s still a  bit more to go through, but at least I can file my stuff and put my hands on critical documents.  It’s a really good feeling.

Iseult has her first summer job – she babysits a toddler and 4 year old in the morning and then a couple days a week she works at the local parish school summer camp.  Everyday she comes home from babysitting with a slightly shell shocked look which amuses me to no end.

I’ll try and do better next week – maybe even have a more inspired menu.  With that, what’s cooking at your house?


14 responses to “So….How About Some Menu?

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Cook??? Moi???

  2. hearthie says:

    Today: Smoked chicken w/ corn on the cob and broccoli.
    Tomorrow: Smoked chicken salad (which is to DIE.)
    Thursday: Lettuce wraps
    Friday: County Fair – we’ll pick up some turkey legs and steamed corn and bring them home for dinner.

    I’m feeling off on my reading too. Like, I want to kick back and read, but I can’t think of anything I want to read. Briggs won’t have anything new until next year, somehow I’m off most of the other SF/F that has been my mainstay, and … yeah. Hopefully a book will happen.

    I guess in the meantime I can spend more time working? :p

    • Maeve says:

      Hey Hearth – if you like the truly twisted (and also kind of gross) may I recommend Simon R Green’s Nightside Series? His “Secret History” Series is less twisted and sort of a tribute to James Bond. I used to devour his stuff, then sort of lost track, but now I might revisit. He’s definitely not for everybody.

      • hearthie says:

        Not really… :p
        But thank you.

      • Maeve says:

        Well, he IS an acquired taste, LOL.

        I’m actually trying to get my hands on these mysteries set in ancient Egypt by Lynda S Robinson. I was thinking about one of my favorite Christie mysteries, “Death Comes as the End” and remembered that Robinson has written a series. Sadly, they seem to be out of print and not in digital format, so will be looking for used PB copies.

        I keep thinking I need something “different” to snap me out of this slump. Problem is, I can’t figure out what kind of “different”.

        Le Sigh.

  3. Joy says:

    I’m struggling with menu inspiration,too. This past week we have had pulled pork barbecue, chicken pot pie, spinach quiche (I added sauted shallots with the cheese and spinach and boy, did that make it taste fantastic!), Turkey chili, and fish last night. Tonight they are getting pizza and salad as I work from 1-9 pm. Tomorrow, pork chops of some kind, I think. Meh. I need some fresh ideas and about two extra hours a day to cook properly.

    I love Nigella, too. And the Hamlet! Oh my! I need to organize a party around that. It will be showing at my local theater.

    I read both digital and paper (the library is not just my employer; it saves me loads of money in book buying). I discovered Netgalley a few months ago and since I work for a library, they have allowed me many advanced reader copies of various books, some good, some not so good. I’m currently reading Whitney’s new book on prayer and Peter Leithart’s new book on the Trinity. I also reading John Flavel’s book on Providence and Elisabeth Elliot’s Secure in the Everlasting Arms for my devotions, which seems fitting with her Homegoing this week.

    For work I’m reading a new to me police procedural series, which I have yet to get hooked on. For fun I am reading a couple of decorating books, Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, and Wind in the Willows with my son. I just finished The Rosie Project, which was so, so funny, especially is you have someone in your life on the asperger’s spectrum.

    I need to deal with papers. There are shredding services? I need to check that out. I have High hopes of getting some serious sorting and discarding of many things, including papers, done this summer.

  4. Maeve says:

    Joy – Many of the PostNet and UPS Stores offer shredding services. Several of our local banks also offer periodic “bring in your shred” opportunities. I dumped 50lb of shred – 50lb!!!! There’s still a bunch of work to do, but the vast majority is done and I feel such a weight lifted from my shoulders. There were a lot of old hurts buried in the paper and it was a cathartic experience to just get rid of it all.

    So – Hamlet – it’s going to air fairly locally to me also – Bluffton, which is near Hilton Head, so maybe an hour or so, and Myrtle Beach – about 90 minutes away. No doubt about it – I’m going! I don’t suppose you’re near enough that we could make it a date? LOL

    Last night I unearthed a copy of Larry Nivens/Jerry Pournelle’s “Inferno” (from a box of stuff I kept from my parents’ house) and I’m thinking of reading it, but now am concerned I won’t enjoy it as much if I don’t revisit the Dante beforehand. This is what happens to me all the time. I want to read something but then I find all sorts of “necessary prerequisites” and then I just get sort of “meh” about the whole thing. This could be because Dante and “pool-side reading” don’t mesh up too well in my world.

    Bah – I want turkey legs and corn on the cob from the Fair. Lucky Hearthie LOL! I’ll try and get a little more creative menu-wise next week. But really, it sort of “slap something on the grill and make a salad” weather here in Chucktown.

  5. Elspeth says:

    I have a couple of girls here who like to cook a little and since it is summer, and they aren’t taking classes, I am taking advantage of the extra help.

    Not a lot of menu inspiration over here either. That’s actually why I was bugging YOU about it. Hoping you could help inspire me. But we are cooking and eating, LOL.

    • Maeve says:

      LOl Els – was going to make this Romaine with Hot Beef Dressing, but then a review of the freezer last night revealed “about to become trash due to freezer burn if you don’t use it now” chuck roast, so it’s in the oven and add some veggies in a similar state and have a sot of baked pot roast-cum-soup-cum-stew. It smells good and I’m not throwing food out (which drives me completely insane), so am pretty happy with this plan. I’ll let y’all know how it turn out.

      • FuzzieWuzzie says:

        Trash can be tempting to wild animals since they don’t get to go to the store.

  6. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Het! I now have an image! Thanks to friends!

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