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What Might Be Cookin’ This Week

on April 13, 2015

I DIDN’T COOK AT ALL LAST WEEK.  Not one single night.  Part of the reason is that we had many leftovers from Easter Sunday dinner.  Also, Iseult was at her grandparents a bunch of the week and I worked about 60 hours between Monday and Friday.  So I was pretty much exhausted.  Angharad had her own plans, so there you have it.  No cooking.

On Saturday Angharad and I took ourselves off to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and we came home with a fridge full.  Yesterday I made a huge pot of Cuban black beans (from Miami Spice – one of my favorite cookbooks), which we are having tonight; and right now I’m making Nigella Lawson’s Moonblush Tomatoes (which I’m using tomorrow).  Later on this evening I’m going to replenish my stock of garlic oil and maybe make some hummus.  I feel better.  This should be a light week for me (so, 40 hours!) and I’m looking forward to spending some time in the kitchen.  Anyway, barring unforeseen disasters, here’s the plan:

Monday – Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Cuban Black Beans & Rice; Spicy Roasted Cauliflower

Tuesday – Spaghetti with arugula, mushrooms, lemon, garlic & olive Oil (based off Nigella Lawson’s Spaghettini with Shrimp and Chile, from “Nigella Express“, but minus the shrimp);

Wednesday – Chicken Milanese with spinach salad

Thursday – Grilled Tri-tip with broccoli and roasted gnocchi

Friday – I have dinner plans with a couple of my girlfriends; Angharad and Iseult have their own plans.

I rather like this menu – it’s easy enough to just make quick adjustments and there’s every possibility that one night will be DIY leftovers (for the record, we like leftovers-and-a-movie nights – almost as much as breakfast-for-dinner nights).   The important thing is that there is a plan and I’m actually enthusiastic about it.  So, what’s cookin’ at your place?


3 responses to “What Might Be Cookin’ This Week

  1. Elspeth says:

    As you know, we’ve been having a bit of distraction here at my place (sick dog for the uninformed), and I haven’t made a menu. Been winging it.

  2. hearthie says:

    DH decided to start his vacation today… so winging it here too. We had leftovers reformatted into fried rice last night.

    Cleaned the fridge out last night……. cleaning rest of kitchen now…. before DH gets up!

  3. Maeve says:

    LOL Ladies – “winging it” is often SOP Chez Maeve. I’m actually not really proud of it, but it’s true nonetheless.

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