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Reading Update of Sorts

on April 13, 2015

Some people walk in their sleep.

Some people talk in their sleep.

I eat lemon pie in my sleep.

Le Sigh.

Just needed to get that off my chest.  Now, on to the post.

I’ve read a number of excellent books lately and keep thinking that I will, must, write books reviews or recommendations or SOMETHING.  All these thoughts swirling around and I can’t quite get them from brain to fingertips.  Well, here’s a partial list, and hopefully I’ll actually write about them or at least start a book discussion, if only to prove that I discuss something other than food.

  • Dead Heat – Patricia Briggs
  • Havah – Tosca Lee
  • Demon:  A Memoir – Tosca Lee (a re-read, actually, but needed to before reading Havah)
  • Paradise Lost – Milton (also a re-read for same reason)
  • Wakeworld – Kerry Schaefer (there are 2 more and yes, I have then loaded on my Nook)
  • The Wrath – Kristina Schram (nice Gothic-y goodness)
  • Queen Joanna – Kate Danley (creepy ghost story)
  • The Woodcutter – Kate Danley (for those who love fairy tales)
  • Wreck of The Nebula Dream – Veronica Scott (some fun scifi with a little rom)
  • Whom The Gods Love – Sarah Hoyt (scifi? fantasy? not sure exactly how I’d classify it)
  • Warprize – Elizabeth Vaughn (romantic goodness)
  • Shimmering Splendor – Roberta Gellis (OOP, I think, but an lovely take on the Hades/Persephone story if you can lay your hands on a copy)


A few of my upcoming reads…

  • The Grendel Affair – Lisa Shearin
  • Storm Front – Jim Butcher (OK I’ve read it a million times, and I’m going to re-read it again and then work my way through them all throughout the summer)
  • A Deafening Silence in Heaven – Thomas Sniegoski (and I have to wait until 1 October for the release – which is fine because it means I can just re-read Remy Chandler 1-6; this is not a bad thing)
  • Shards of Hope – Nalini Singh (Hey – June’s not that far away)
  • Castle D’Or – Daphne Du Maurier (Gotta have my Gothic fix!)

There are more – of course there are more.  I’m reading a nice fluffy romance by Eloisa James (Three Weeks with Lady X) right now.  It’s going ever so nicely with my tea and shortbread.

So, what’s going on in the pages you’re reading?







6 responses to “Reading Update of Sorts

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I have been watching a lot on youtube. I have to admit that htere are very few videos that link bears to books. We may not be big on being bibliophiles.

  2. Magistra says:

    LOL, Maeve. I love the picture of you eating lemon pie in your sleep.

    I wish I had time to read in my sleep. I’d be able to read so many more books than I can squeeze into my scant free time.

    Currently, I am reading:

    Dead Wake by Erik Larson about the Lusitainia, which was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland in 1915. Really good narrative non-fiction! His book on 1930’s Berlin was excellent.

    The DIY Pantry by Kresha Faber. There are some really great ideas for making your own food. I keep wishing I had more time at home to try some of them. Perhaps this summer…

    Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. This is the sequel to Wolf Hall about Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII, and Anne Boleyn. Masterpiece Theater is currently airing an adaptation of the two books. I loved Wolf Hall but hadn’t had an opportunity to read the sequel and I want to read it before I see it. 🙂

    The Complete Stories of Dorothy L. Sayers. I adore Dorothy L. Sayers, especially her mysteries. These are such fun to reread.

    How Dante Can Save Your Life by Rod Dreher. This is an advanced reader copy (the books comes out tomorrow; I’ve discovered that working in a library has some unexpected perks). DS #3 and I are reading Dante’s Divine Comedy this year. This book is part literary commentary, part spiritual journey, and part memoir. I’m loving every bit of it. It’s a great readalong with Dante.

    DS #3 and I are also reading several books together but these are the ones I am reading on my own. I always have several going at once, which I read at various times of the day, depending on my time, energy, and attention abilities.

    I read an Eloisa James this winter. It was a retelling of Cinderella and was very fun, although I had to skip a scene or two.

  3. hearthie says:

    I think I’m going to pick up the rest of the Madeline L’Engle books … just finished reading #s 4 & 5 in the WIT series (for kids, it took me a few hours to read both) and was surprised by what I got out of them.

    Looking forward to your Dead Heat review.

    Read all the Dresden files within the last six weeks. What? I don’t have a problem. :p

    Just read The Hidden Magic of Tidying Up which I am finding very useful, philosophically, even before (or if) I decide to dig into her recommended methodology.

  4. Maeve says:

    @Magistra – I love Sayers, too. I think “Busman’s Honeymoon” is my favorite. Or maybe “Gaudy Night”. Can you tell I’m a complete sucker for LPW & Harriet Vane? Actually, you know she did a translation of the Divine Comedy – maybe you could use that translation when you start reading (or are you reading it in Italian?)

    I loved that Eloisa James novel you’re talking about – “A Kiss at Midnight”; and I also loved her take on Beauty & the Beast, “When Beauty Met the Beast”. Come to think of it, Julia Quinn did a Cinderella-esq story called “An Offer from a Gentleman”. It was very good and I’m going to have to re-read it.

    I didn’t read Wolf Hall, but it’s on my wish list, so maybe I’ll bump it up now that I know someone else has read it. I’m actually a huge fan of historical fiction and my two absolute favorites are Sharon K Penman’s “The Sunne in Splendour” (Richard III) and Elizabeth Chadwick’s “The Greatest Knight” (William Marshal). Both absolutely wonderful.

    Don’t know if you like Austen knock-offs (I can’t think of a better appellation), but if you do, “Captain Wentworth’s Persuasion” by Regina Jeffries is outstanding. I’m a “Persuasion” junkie. Seriously. Also, in the same vein, Laura Hile wrote three really good novels featuring Miss Elizabeth Elliot, and managed to turn her into quite the sympathetic heroine.
    I always have several going at the same time, too. And I can’t go anywhere without my Kindle or Nook (yes – both – I know it’s so very wrong LOL)

    @Hearth – I’m picking up that book on Tidying Up (hopefully the local bricks & mortar store has it); it sounds good and I need the motivation to just get the job finished.

    Going to try and get my review of Dead Heat up. So. Damn. Good. I didn’t want it to end. But thing is, “Havah” is still really with me. It’s Eve’s story, you know – told from her perspective. I really want to talk about it so I need to push it and get others to read it as well. Maybe I need to rename my blog “Maevey’s Book Club” LOL.

    OK – I have exactly 30 minutes before I close my eyes, and one Harry Dresden is getting all of them!

  5. Joy says:

    I love The Sunne in Splendor. Have you read her Wales trilogy starting with Here Be Dragons? That is good, too. I haven’t read the Elizabeth Chadwick. I bet I would like it though. Yes, I liked the Beauty and the Beast one, but haven’t read any of her others.

    I’m a Persuasion junkie, too, but haven’t read that one. Off to see if the library owns it. 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Maeve says:

      I don’t know if you have a Kindle, but I have the Elizabeth Elliot novels that are lendable (like my made-up word?) if you like. I only have Captain Wentworth’s Persuasion in PB, but if they don’t have it, I’d be happy to lend to you. If you like you can e-mail me.

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