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This Week’s Kitchen Follies

Black Eyed Peas – that’s the Bean du Week.  It’s also the bean that got me started on my conversion from bean-o-phobe to “hmmm….there are a half dozen or so that I’ll eat”.  Progress, people, progress. Here’s the week’s lineup: Monday – Maeve’s Super Scrumptious Sort of Mexican Crockpot Chicken; BEPs; spinach (probably served in… Continue reading This Week’s Kitchen Follies

Menu Planning · What's for Dinner

Yes – There Will Be Cooking Again This Week Chez Maeve

Ok OK – I know I’m dink here.  Busy weekend – yard sale, cleaning out the garage – three runs to thrift store with donations and a ton to the recycling and trash center.  I was exhausted yesterday and didn’t make a menu – which made shopping a challenge. Last week’s experiment of making a… Continue reading Yes – There Will Be Cooking Again This Week Chez Maeve

Food for the Soul

Our Best Friends?

My dear blog-pal Elspeth’s family is dealing with a crisis; one of their family members is ill and it’s affecting every one. Harley is their 4-legged, furry-coated baby, and from pics of him, he knows how much he’s loved.

We lost our Lil last year, in the middle of the summer. She took heatstroke one afternoon and was unable to recover, despite heroic efforts by my veterinarian neighbor and the staff at the animal hospital. Saying goodbye to our Little Old Lady (she was 13) was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done.

Els’ friends have been praying for Harley’s recovery – as is only fitting; he is family after all; but Andrew over at Adopting James has truly put into words what our pets really mean to us. I got pretty teary-eyed reading his essay, and knew I had to share. I know that everyone whose family includes a member with multiple legs and an abundance of fuzziness with appreciate it as well.

Edited – This is a sad update.  Harley has passed away and he did so in the loving arms of one of his girls.  If anyone is inclined to do so, a prayer for her family would be appreciated.  Harley is sorely missed.

Please enjoy “Our Best Friends?”.


PfoteThey say dog is man’s best friend. I disagree.

Let me explain.

People have had a strong attachment to animals, particularly dogs, for many years. I don’t know the history of man’s relationship with animals, and I’m not going to pretend to. But let’s just go back to the early 1900’s. Even then, people have had a strong attachment to their animals. Think Old Yeller and even The Grapes of Wrath where even the most stoic group of men mourn over a dead dog on the side of the road.

Why do you think that is?

3690_1I think I may have an idea and you can you can take it with a grain of salt.

I feel like the older I get the more compassionate I feel toward animals. I used to love going to Sea World, but knowing how it is an abuse to one of the smartest…

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