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What’s Cookin’ This Week?

It’s the week before Easter and the menu isn’t planned yet.  I still don’t know who will be here.  Just some fun-filled pre-holiday chaos Chez Maeve et Filles.  I’m really not worried because by tomorrow night I’ll have everything planned out, right down to the preparation schedule.

This week’s a little sketchy on the menu front also – but here’s the lineup so far (subject to change):

  • Monday – Pork Schnitzel with Egg Noodles, Roasted Green Beans and Chunky Tomato Sauce
  • Tuesday – Steak Tacos (Grilled marinated skirt steak, Citrus Slaw, pepper jack cheese )
  • Wednesday – deconstructed Chicken Florentine, Rice, (sounds chichi, but really it’s just that I cook the spinach separately)
  • Thursday – Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad (possibly)
  • Friday – Well it’s Good Friday and I’m just not sure yet – Maybe Cuban Black Beans & Rice

I’ll have a post later on about Easter Menus and welcome anyone to share some of their favorites.

In the meantime, what’s cookin’ at your place?


What’s Cooking Chez Maeve

My blog-pal Elspeth used to post a weekly “What’s Cookin’?” feature which I looked forward to every single Monday.  Actually, that was sort of the reason I got up on Mondays (not work, I assure you).  Sadly, she’s not blogging anymore and I’ve been wrestling with the idea of hosting such a weekly feature myself.  Maybe I’ll be inspired.  Maybe I’ll plan a menu.  Maybe I’ll care about cooking again.

Le Sigh.

There’s not a lot to post, but here goes…

Monday – My variation on this Barley Stew with Leeks, Mushrooms and Greens

Tuesday – Tuscan Chicken Thighs (hopefully on the Grill) with Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpeas;

Wednesday – Sirloin, Roasted Baby Potatoes & Broccoli (I might roast gnocchi – we love that stuff)

I’m thinking about reorganizing my kitchen. Would it be more effective to cluster kitchenware by frequency of use rather than by type?  I’m sort of plagued by indecision regarding the functionality of the kitchen – actually it’s a lack of functionality.  Space is at a premium and I don’t use it well.  The counters get cluttered and then I get flustered and find I don’t feel much like cleaning up the kitchen so I can cook dinner.  I need a handy place for frequently-used cookbooks so I’m not hunting for them.   Must think on this some more.

So, what are y’all cooking this week?


Stuff I Love…Grooming Edition

I once ran a pair of support hose on my razor stubble.

I know – you kind of choked there, didn’t you?

Let’s start off with a couple of qualifiers about this post, shall we…

  • If you don’t shave your legs or underarms, this post is not for you.
  • If you’ve never dealt with an ingrown hair, this post is not for you.
  • If your hair grows so slowly that you can get by with (maybe) shaving once a  week because nobody would notice if you didn’t, this post is not for you.
  • If you are at home with the furry feel, then this post is not for you.
  • If you’ve never got up from bed, in the dead of night to shave your legs because the stubble was either (a) causing your sheets to pill or (b) stripping the skin off the hubs simply by rubbing your legs against him, then this post might not be for you.

Ladies, it’s a sad fact that we have to de-fuzz; it’s a PITA and it isn’t permanent unless we spend a godawful amount of cash on laser removal.  And even then.So let’s face it, shaving is a necessary evil if we are to maintain an even remotely ladylike veneer.  I don’t care what you say – hairy legs and pits are not ladylike.  My mother said so.  Amen.  The End.  But I’m here to share two of my favorite tools of the trade which can make things a little easier.

Shave Secret

Photo Credit – Amazon

Here’s the first one – Shave Secret©. I loooooove this stuff. You use a couple drops – really just drops and it works amazingly. See, part of the problem, the thing that often leads to stubble and rashes and ingrown is “drag” – your razor dragging and pulling on your hair. Shave Secret© eliminates the drag, so you can shave easier and smoother. It lasts, like FOREVER and the essential oils smell wonderful.

Tend Skin

Photo Credit – Amazon

Secondly is Tend Skin©. This stuff is absolutely necessary to prevent/treat ingrown hairs. Pricey? You betcha and worth every stinkin’ penny.


I’m not plugging these for any remuneration, but just because they work and summer’s coming and you can’t hide forever in your woolies.


I Have Summer Growing in my Yard

At Last!


(yep – that’s it.  just sharing a pic of what I did yesterday.)