Sunday Sillies – Shopping for Christmas Presents Edition


The site (FB and merchandise) is often quite obnoxious and I frequently toy with the idea of deleting it from my feed.

And then this T-shirt shows up:

Heavy Metals T Shirt
Science Rocks!


Now tell me, isn’t there some science buff in your family who would looooooooove to receive this?

(I know this is late. Sheesh – I know I’ve been dink for months now with my Sunday Silliness. Haven’t been much in the mood, but I’m seeing this as a good sign)


[nb.Ā  the photo isn’t mine.Ā  Belongs to the I Love Science Store.]

13 thoughts on “Sunday Sillies – Shopping for Christmas Presents Edition

  1. I don’t know how that I ended up hogging the whole thread but, here’s another. This one is really cruel to dogs. šŸ˜‰

      1. Maeve,
        I was a little worried. It was getting a little lonely. Since there are no other commenters, could it be that they have not been notified? I usually find out about a new post by visiting manually.

  2. With chrome tanning, it’s worth noting that the leather outfits of heavy metal hair bands generate quite a bit of heavy metal in the environment… the shirt, BTW.

    And in honor of heavy metal, heavy metals, and the animal kingdom….

    I’m pretty sure I saw a bear or two in the video….

      1. Thanks for the welcome! In case you’re curious, I found your blog via Bodycrimes (sort of sorry the creator of that one’s winding things up).

      2. She recommended my best read of 2014 – The Bees (I sort of posted about it). I really enjoyed the discussions she hosted on books – got some great recommendations and shared a couple with her (Genesis by Bernard Beckett – which is still rattling around my brain; and Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth); she also recommended The Magicians by Lev Grossman, which is moving up in the TBR list). I also found her to be a very gracious hostess.

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