Wannabe Martha

Still trying to figure out which Martha

Another Rabid Case of PoorLittleS**tUponMe-Itis

on November 20, 2014

(title updated because, well, it was kind of rude)

No – not ME!!

This stupid, whining cow!

I think I shall take myself away from Le Internet for a short while, lest I have a complete, behind-baring meltdown and find myself featured on WTF post somewhere……  🙂

Happy Thursday!

(The meltdown reference is a little H/T to the MIL – her favorite response to tantrums – “Well, she just showed her behind,didn’t she?”  You can feel free to adopt it if you want to).


8 responses to “Another Rabid Case of PoorLittleS**tUponMe-Itis

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Cow? Did you say cow?

  2. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I’m not so sure that taking in a bear would be a good idea.They do ge bigger and eat A LOT.

  3. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I promised Redpillgirlnotes that I would try to find more girl readers and commenters. Would you check her out? You do have something in common, she likes bear videos too.

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