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This Past Weekend Chez Maeve

Yesterday was National Espresso Day and I consumed rather a lot of it.  With extreme pleasure.  Was kind of wired all night, but hey - there's always a price to be paid and it's not like my Nook and Kindle (trademarks implied) aren't loaded to the hilt with tons of unread books. The Lovely Mrs.… Continue reading This Past Weekend Chez Maeve

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Another Rabid Case of PoorLittleS**tUponMe-Itis

(title updated because, well, it was kind of rude) No - not ME!! This stupid, whining cow! I think I shall take myself away from Le Internet for a short while, lest I have a complete, behind-baring meltdown and find myself featured on WTF post somewhere......  🙂 Happy Thursday! (The meltdown reference is a little… Continue reading Another Rabid Case of PoorLittleS**tUponMe-Itis

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Sometimes No News is Just No News

It feels a little odd to post when I haven't really anything about which to post (maybe I should have issued an "Awkward Sentence Alert for that one). I've been hanging out a little on FB; read a couple Gothics; and was required to actually WEAR PANTS this morning when taking Iseult to her carpool.… Continue reading Sometimes No News is Just No News

Feeling Blue

Doing Better

Even when you think you're ready.  You've rehearsed it all; digested it all; talked it to death. And then at that moment when it all actually happens - a judge declares that you're not married anymore, well, it left me gasping for air. And I was as ready as I possibly could be.

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Happy National Sandwich Day

In honor of National Sandwich Day, I give you a performance of "Sandwiches"... (Not my video, but wish it was) Want to sing along?  Well here are the lyrics. Sandwiches Lyrics by Bob King Sandwiches are beautiful, Sandwiches are fine. I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time; I eat them for my… Continue reading Happy National Sandwich Day