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Happy “I Can’t Stop Sneaking Those Snack-size Treats and Hope There Will be Some Left For When the Kids Show up” Day

on October 31, 2014

There’s a lesson to be learned here, people, DON’T BUY YOUR HALLOWEEN CANDY EARLY.

A couple random Halloween thoughts….

My mother, for reasons we never quite understood, always called the little Trick-or-Treating kids “Halloweeners” instead of “Trick-or-Treaters”.

Let me tell you about my most memorable Halloween.  In 1969 (yes – 1969!!!!!) the year before we moved overseas, I got my very favorite of all time costume.  It was Cinderella, with the blue dress and the molded plastic mask of the cartoon character’s face (is there anyone here who remembers them?  You’d almost suffocate; could never quite get the eyes to match up; and the elastic string always broke before the night was out).  That year my mother decided to make spare ribs on our Farberware Indoor Grill.  They were taking forever; my younger brothers and I were getting all antsy to go trick-or-treating, and my Daddy made the mistake of asking her why she thought making spare ribs on Halloween Night was a good idea.  We came back with an immense stash of loot and my youngest brother threw an epic tantrum when the parents wouldn’t let him take his candy to bed with him.

This year, I’m setting up shop at the end of my driveway.  I’m going to light the never-been-used fire pit (one day about two years ago I went to Lowes for some light bulbs and came home with a fire pit; Iseult announced I was not allowed to go to Lowes by myself anymore; then she texted her sister at college to rat me out; Angharad sided with Iseult – anyone surprised?).  Anyway, I’m using the stupid thing tonight.

When you live in the south, you can’t carve your pumpkins ahead of time.  They rot.  We carved ours Tuesday night; I kept them inside in my office because it’s cooler in the house than it is outside.  This morning I put them out – there’s rot. Le Sigh.

Happy Halloween!

Farberware Rotisserie

Primarily used by my Dad (Dad-burgers; rotisserie roast beef); occasionally by my Mother (but more often than not whatever she started cooking on it, my Dad finished)

Edited to add: Our Faraberware Grill (I corrected it from Revereware) looked just like this!

My parents were devoted to theirs. They schlepped it to Helsinki and Paris and bought some adapter thingies so they could use it. When their first one died, they got another. When I got married, the bought me one. When Paul got married, they bought him one. We eventually sold ours. I was out of real estate. I kind of miss it, though. The rotisserie attachment was awesome. Maybe I should buy another one. After I get my waffle iron.


3 responses to “Happy “I Can’t Stop Sneaking Those Snack-size Treats and Hope There Will be Some Left For When the Kids Show up” Day

  1. Jenny says:

    I remember those plastic masks. We are carving our pumpkins today..if we get to it.

  2. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    What?! Humans are handing out candy? Costumes?
    This gives me an idea.

  3. Mrs. C says:

    Halloweeners! That’s what we call them too in our neck of the woods! Too funny.

    You may have rotting pumpkins for Halloween but at least you probably don’t have to cover up your costumes with winter coats and gloves when the temps dip into the low 40’s for trick-or-treat. I’m envious. There is the almost yearly fight (sometimes we get lucky with good temps), of trying to get kids to dress warm enough and hearing them whine “But Mooooom! No one will be able to tell what I am If I cover it up!

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