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Celebrate Banned Book Week

Pick up a copy of any Junie B. Jones book and indulge in some laughing-out-loud zaniness.

Then close the book and ask yourself the following:

Someone actually objected to Junie B. Jones?


Demanded it be removed from a school library as inappropriate?

Shake your head and realize that there are some people who will find fault with absolute anything.  Especially if there’s any hint of humor or fun.

Other books I can recommend as equally hilarious:

Emil in the Soup Tureen by Astrid Lindgren

Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary

(Emil and the Soup Tureen, is actually a Swedish children’s book and if you can get your hands on a copy(plus any of the other Emil stories), do so – also grab any stories about the Bullerby Children – they’re absolutely wonderful).

OK.  I’m going to stop here.  It’s not that I don’t feel there’s a good discussion to be had about whether or not some books are appropriate for school aged children (in fact, I do believe that), but the absurdity of some objections just has me shaking my head in frustration.

Seriously.  Junie B. Jones?


It’s National Ice Cream Cone Day

Does this mean just the cone or an actual Ice Cream Cone?

Either way, it’s a good excuse to have one (the cone with the ice cream in it).

Hey – let’s have another poll!


Sunday Sillies

Standing Guard over Breakfast….




Is He a Dreamboat?

Over at AAR is an interesting column about Max DeWinter (He of Rebecca fame) and whether he’s a D-bag (I abbreviate because I actually hate that expression) or Dreamboat (OK – that just cracks me up).

For a time I was quite the DuMaurier junkie (right after the first time I saw Rebecca), but I haven’t thought about her writings in a long while.  I think a re-read of the novel is in order, as there may be too much of the movie rattling around in my mind to be able to come to clear opinion on the matter.  Anyway, if you’re looking for a little something different to consider, hop over there and join in the discussion – some of the comments are quite interesting.  I may just write a little more on this after I read the book again.  Sometimes a re-read results in an entirely different appreciation, and after reading the article, I’m wondering just if my thoughts about him will change.

Oh and that reminds me – I just downloaded The Woman in White – can you believe I haven’t read it?  I remember my mother telling me that she read it while my Dad was on a business trip when we lived in Finland.  My brothers and I were really little at the time and she was so creeped out  she could only read it locked the bathroom!  I think that sounds like my kind of book.

Lest there be any question about it, Laurence Olivier IS Max DeWinter (just like Daniel Craig IS James Bond).


Sunday Sillies – Waffle Edition

Behold in all it’s glory:  The Waffle Bed with Syrup Sheets (fruit pillows extra)


Waffle bedding

Head over to Etsy to secure your own sleepy time goodness

I am now convinced, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that I MUST SECURE THE WAFFLE IRON!


I Rest My Case

Is there anymore need for discussion?

Photo Credit – Amazon

And Thank You to The Kitchn for alerting me.

(I’m not entirely sure how I lived before discovering The Kitchn and really, it does not bear contemplating.)


Happy National TV Dinner Day!

One of the (few) disadvantages to growing up overseas is that we did not enjoy the TV dinner.

Well, that and the fact that my mother would have cut off her hand before buying them.  And if she had, my dad would have assumed that the pod people had come and taken over (we were big fans of Invasion of the Body Snatchers – the real one).

I flirted with the idea of celebrating this observance by making my own version of the TV dinner, buying the trays (you can get them on Amazon) and renting vintage TV programs.  But then reality reared its ugly head – I’m on work overload; Iseult has late lacrosse practices every night (and I’m running 20 miles up and back to get her) and Angharad has a beastly schedule.

So, instead, tonight I’m making a supper version of last Sunday’s brunch – Country French Omelet and Arugula & Strawberry Salad.  No fuss and super tasty.  I’ll post pics if I can remember.

In the meantime, if you haven’t made your dinner plans, it’s not too late to throw together your own TV dinner tribute (even if you serve it on regular plates).


The Classic!



Waffles – La Nouvelle Yum

Me:  I need a waffle iron

Mack: You don’t have room for one.

Me:  I fail to see how that’s an issue

Mack:  Because you’re out of real estate in your kitchen

Me:  I’ll make room

Mack:  No you won’t.

Me:  How can you say that?

Mack:  Look around Maevey…

Me:  It’s not that bad

Mack:  Wrong

Me:  I need a waffle iron

Mack:  Why?  You’ve gone all this time without one.  Why now?


Well, let me show you why…..

Take this one – Jonathan over at the Candid Appetite has Dark Chocolate Zucchini Cake Waffles that look more like dessert and do not get me started on his Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwiches (I already linked to them once, but another won’t hurt).

Then there’s this – The Tater Tot Waffle Grilled Cheese (where the Tots are the bread made into waffles – I KNOW I KNOW I WANT TO EAT THAT TOO – it showed up in my Facebook feed and I nearly dove into the monitor) – now I can’t find it but when I do, the link will be here.

Then There’s this gem:  Cinnamon Roll Waffles from Recipe Girl (I know there are some recipes for putting you Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll dough in the waffle iron, but this is a little more chichipoopoo (pronounced “shee shee pooh pooh” – it’s a kissing cousin to La Di Dah only it sounds a little snootier).

Not Your Mama’s Cookie has RED VELVET WAFFLES (tip – you can actually make “any-color you-like” Velvet Waffles).

Finally…Sugar Bean Bakers have these luxurious sounding Vanilla Bean Liege waffles (and I’m so ordering that Belgian Pearl Sugar).

So you see, I NEED a waffle iron.

Let’s vote on it








Happy Birthday to Her Grace, Anna, Duchess of Bedford

Why are we wishing her happy birthday?  And, isn’t she, uh, deceased?

We’re celebrating because thanks to her, the world has Afternoon Tea.

I love tea (afternoon or otherwise).  My favorite would have to be Darjeeling (just thinking about it makes me happy)

My least favorite is a toss up between the green stuff (any of the green stuff) and Earl Gray (that oil of bergamot makes me queasy).


This is my absolute favorite teapot (mostly because the spout never drips)

I realize that Afternoon Tea is not just the brew itself – but the whole little ritual – boiling water; loose leaves; tea pot; something tasty to nibble on.  A good book.  The English really do have something going there with this little daily timeout – and we would not be worse off for indulging a little ourselves (and if that means have a PB&J sandwich with some chocolate milk, well who am I to judge?).

(If I don’t post again it’s because my (long-deceased) Irish great-grandmother just flung some lightening bolt at me – she had English-issues, but I’m a more evolved creature)

Breton Butter Cake

This isn’t my pic, but that’s exactly what it looks like. Are you drooling yet?

This is my favorite accompaniment to a pot of tea – Breton Buttercake. What????? Not shortbread???? Maevey, you heretic!!!

Well, hold on to you shorts – I DO love shortbread (posted a couple recipes a while back) – but this delightful pastry is like a cross between shortbread and pound cake. It’s totally addictive. Make one yourself and see if you don’t agree.

Totally unrelated aside….my mother was probably the best woman I have ever known (I’ll never come close to being her equal).  She loved my Dad and my brothers and I with great devotion.  But.  If she got angry with you, you pretty much prayed for death.  How did you know you were in deep poop?  She’d announce that she needed “to take tea with you”.  Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it?  UH – NOT AT ALL.  Even our friends quaked at the uttering of those words.  I’m a grown woman, she’s deceased, and I still can break out in a cold sweat thinking about it.  Oh yeah – and she never even laid so much as a finger on us – and we knew she wouldn’t – and still, the prospect of having our mother take tea with us….OK, I’m going to have a little sip of something restorative and head back to work – if I can get my hands to stop shaking.


How I take a short tea break

[Edited quite after the fact to add:  I love this little teapot & cup set which I bought from Pottery Barn when I was first married; the Waterford sugar & creamer set was a wedding gift and the tray was my mothers.  The H worked terribly long hours (chefs do, ya  know) and I would have these long Northeast winter afternoons by myself.  Later I bought larger teapots (I collected them) but this little set still fills me with delight when I use it.  I encourage every lady to put a little tea set together for herself (although it’s nice to have enough to share with your gentleman, if he is so inclined) and try to carve out a few minutes now and again for a little refined relaxation.]


It’s Back

I know…I know… can’t make up my mind, but Mack couldn’t see what I was dithering over.

So then I couldn’t justify my dithering.

So it’s back up.



(PS – not all redheads are whackadoo)

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