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Some Fun Things to Celebrate in September

on August 26, 2014

I’m still feeling very meh and I’m not getting over it the way I think I should (so in addition to meh, I’m also highly annoyed with myself). Happily, there are some very tasty happenings in September, and that should sweeten me up a little bit. Check out The Nibble for the complete list, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the ones I have listed here are plenty fabulous.

  • National Biscuit Month
  • National Breakfast Month
  • National Honey Month (I plan to make a little trip to my local Savannah Bee Company store for some Tea Honey
  • National Potato Month
  • National Rice Month (perfect excuse to make paella or gumbo or both)

Other lovely observances:

  • International Bacon Day (Saturday Before Labor Day) – I believe it should have it’s own YEAR
  • National Waffle Week (2nd Week)
  • September 1: National Cherry Popover Day
  • September 3: National Welsh Rarebit Day
  • September 3: Birthday of Anna, Duchess of Bedford, Creator Of Afternoon Tea
  • September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day
  • September 6: National Coffee Ice Cream Day
  • September 9: Wiener schnitzel Day
  • September 10: TV Dinner Day (I might just freak out my family and buy TV dinners for that night)
  • September 11: National Hot Cross Bun Day
  • September 12: National Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • September 13: National Peanut Day
  • September 14: National Cream Filled Donut Day (Hello Krispy Kreme ™ )
  • September 14: Eat a Hoagie Day (or whatever they’re called in your neck of the woods)
  • September 15: National Linguine Day
  • September 17: National Apple Dumpling Day
  •  September 18: National Cheeseburger Day (another joyous day for my friend Elspeth)
  • September 22: National Ice Cream Cone Day
  • September 23: National White Chocolate Day (let’s not have a fight about this)
  • September 25: Crab Meat Newburg Day (any day involving crab meat is a good day)
  • September 26: National Pancake Day
  • September 27: National Chocolate Milk Day
  • September 28: Strawberry Cream Pie Day
  • September 29: National Coffee Day
  • September 30: National Hot Mulled Cider Day

Some Boozy Observances:

  • National Bourbon Heritage Month
  • California Wine Month
  • September 15: Halfway To St. Patrick’s Day (have some whiskey or Irish Coffee)
  • September 20: National Rum Punch Day
  • September 28: Drink Beer Day

Dishonorable Mentions for Extreme Killjoy Preachiness:

  • National Organic Harvest Month – blah blah blah some more
  • Whole Grains Month – meh already
  • Vegetarian Awareness Week (2nd Week) – I did not notice a Carnivore Awareness Week and I object vehemently



7 responses to “Some Fun Things to Celebrate in September

  1. Mrs. C says:

    Love the tv dinner day! I’m doing it only to see the shocked looks on my family’s faces. They know I’m a whole foods from scratch (about 90%) cook so plopping down a microwave dinner on the table one night will be a blast. LOL! Heck, I may drag out the lap trays and turn on the tv to complete the idea.

    • Maeve says:

      That would be hysterical. Even funnier if you had to do it the real old fashioned way and cook them in the (gasp) oven!!! LOL

    • Maeve says:

      You know, just to ice the whole cake, find some reruns of Leave it to Beaver or Donna Reed or some such show and have everybody watch it while they eat their plasti-food 🙂

      • Mrs. C says:

        That would complete the whole effect, wouldn’t it? Ew…plasti-food. Maybe I could make myself real food and put it in a tv dinner tray. The rest of them would never know, right?

      • Maeve says:

        Well, you could, you know – meatloaf and mashed potatoes and corn and gravy with some apple thing (there’s always an apple thing in the TV dinners). And speaking of meatloaf – I made a really good one last week from one of Ina Garten’s cookbooks and it had this garlic sauce that (so help me Lord) is insanely good. Usually I make the one off the box of lipton soup mix and throw some golden mushroom soup over the top before baking (I know…I know… sounds horribly but it’s really good)

    • Maeve says:

      Mrs C., I’ve just got to tell you – for fun I went looking to see if one can order TV dinner trays and OH YES MA’AM YOU CAN INDEED. Check this out:


      I’m very very very seriously thinking about ordering them and making my own “homemade TV dinner” and then I’ll rent some classic TV and we’ll just have a Flashback Wednesday or something.

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