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Football Season is nearly here!!

on August 13, 2014

I love football. Allow me to clarify, I love PENN STATE FOOTBALL. Indeed, I do.

The schedule has posted – and joy of joys – I can enjoy my first PSU FB Party at 0830 on 30 August because they’re playing the game in IRELAND. I know – start the weekend off right – early morning football.

Le Joy.

Le Squee.




(obligatory disclaimer – I don’t, of course, own the logo)

3 responses to “Football Season is nearly here!!

  1. Mrs. C says:

    How funny you are a Penn State fan! Given you live down south, I wouldn’t have guessed. Up until a few months ago, my dh (who works for the university) worked in a building right across the street from Beaver Stadium. He was designing the new roof as they are planning on replacing it. (Well the electrical portion anyhow). Now he changed positions and is more on campus.


    • Maeve says:

      Mrs. C., I’m actually a (shhh) yankee, born in New York, no less. I graduated from Penn State in 1985 – lived in North Halls. My parents are from PA – Wilkes-Barre & Kingston, to be precise.

      How cool that the Hubs works for the University. I haven’t been back for a very long time – wanted to go to the Arts Festival this summer, but life got in the way (again).

      My girls order me stickies from the College Diner every year for my birthday – I grill them up and we have them with ice cream, of course. I can’t tell you how many of those I scarfed down while a student. LOL.

      I have this really funny picture of me and by boyfriend at the time the summer after my freshman year – I’ll try to post it – but you have to promise not to laugh.

      • Mrs. C says:

        The Arts Festival and stickies from the College Diner–classic State College, PA culture!

        We lived there when we first started our family but didn’t want to raise our girls in a college town. I had nightmare images of them as high school students at parties on campus. We are now in a small town about 40 away and dh commutes.

        We’ve lived in central PA all our lives. Our parents are also from the area. Small world!

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