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It’s National Hot Dog Day

on July 23, 2014

I had planned to write a discussion post about hotdogs, but then my detours developed detours of their own. Some things you just have to navigate to the end – there’s no stopping for a few moments; no taking a rest. But I digress (as usual)

Rather than write a post, I thought I’d try my hand at playing with polls. I haven’t done this before so if they’re all messed up, too bad so sad.

Let’s begin with the cooking process…


And now for the stuff we put on them….


And what about strange hotdog preparations…


For the record, I love mine burnt to a crisp with tons of onions and spicy mustard.

What’s your favorite?


4 responses to “It’s National Hot Dog Day

  1. donalgraeme says:

    …and now I’m hungry….

  2. Mrs. C says:

    Ugh! National Hot Dog Day and here I am still up to my ears in zucchini….and we only planted two plants. I made zucchini pineapple bread today…. 4 loaves and tex mex zucchini casserole. I also gave some away to my mom and sister. Tomorrow is chocolate zucchini cake….sigh.

    Since I couldn’t specify two ways I like to top my hot dogs, I’ll comment here. I either like chili, onions and ketchup OR kraut and mustard. (any mustard will do. I like all kinds)

    I also like my hot dogs very brown but not quite to the black stage yet. Oh, one more thing. My hot dogs have to be all beef dogs….no “meat” franks or wieners!

    This was fun….thanks Maeve!

  3. hearthie says:

    I only like good German hot-dogs that aren’t called hotdogs but might as well be. Regular hot dogs I have an inexplicable desire to eat exactly once/year. No more, thank you.

    Ketchup and onions and maybe a touch of mustard. Hold the bun, I’ll go after it with a knife and fork instead.

  4. Maeve says:

    See, I had the feeling that people actually have rather strong feelings about hot dogs – from whether or not they even like them, to how they’re cooked and what does on them. I’m trying to think of other things about which we can be so particular (potato salad is one of the things that I’m really opinionated over – because you’ve noticed that I’m not terribly opinionated in general, right????? LOL)

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