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Getting Ahead of the Craziness

on June 28, 2014


Did you know next Friday is a holiday?  Yep – and that means that next week is going to be completely BSC from a work POV.  In addition to that, Her Nibs isn’t doing all that well and there’s every possibility we will have another emergency vet-run.  This morning I was motivated to get some basic things out of the way so that things would proceed slightly less chaotically – clean out the refrigerator, make a menu, get half the week’s shopping done (I’ve learned that once-a-week shopping is wasteful for my household).

Here’s the tentative plan because I already have a bunch of the stuff I need:

That should get me through Wednesday; then I’ll shop for the rest of the week and the weekend – nothing fancy – just stuff to throw on the grill – oh, and some Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles (if I can find the recipe – Le Sigh).

Happy Weekending!


This week’s menu inspiration came from Real Simple – Easy Delicious Home Cooking (one of my favorite sources) and Cooking Light – linked the recipe above.

[Edited to add – I’ve also linked those recipes which can be found on Real Simple’s websiteThe Jicama Slaw is from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food – a favorite.]


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