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We Interrupt This Lovely Day for an Unpleasant Announcement

It’s National Eat Your Veggies Day.

I object to this.  It feels vey judgmental; as though everything else (hamburgers, cheesecake, chocolate fondue) are second class citizens.

Yes, I know they have their own holidays, but notice that they’re not “Eat Your Cheesecake Day” or “Make Sure You Get Enough Hamburgers Day” “Consume that Chocolate Fondue Now Or Else Day).

You see what’s going on here?  THE MAN is ORDERING YOU TO EAT SOMETHING HEALTHY.

I’ll tell you what I plan to do – Ribeye with baked potato lots of butter much red wine and cheesecake and espresso (like 4, probably) – I suggest you do the same.

(See, I SUGGESTED you eat something luscious, I DIDN’T TELL  you to- also I really hate being told what to do by people who are “just looking out for my best interests” and “only want what’s good for me”).

Um, I know what’s best for me and I’ll look out for my own interests.

$%#!*&^*@!     (I don’t need to translate that, do I?)


13 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Lovely Day for an Unpleasant Announcement

    1. LOL Hearthie – we’re actually having the Tandoori chicken kebobs I had planned to cook last night with zucchini & yellow squash “spaghetti” – I run them over my mandoline using the julienne blade, then sauté quickly with a little olive oil, garlic lemon juice and fresh basil -maybe 2 minutes total. Sooooo tasty (but don’t tell anyone after the little rant I just had here). Bwaaaahaaaaa

  1. I didn’t have the stuff for it today, but I do want to try something called “Bistecca alla Fiorentina.” Immense T-bone/porterhouse with salt and pepper cooked over an oak fire, preferably from the Chianina breed of beef. Rare of course, rosemary is optional, drown in olive oil. The only vegetable allowed is red wine.

    And Mrs. Bubba says that, while you can’t get true Chianina in the States (mad cow restrictions), there is a local grower who has part Chianina cattle. Hmmm…..but it sounds great even if we have to settle for Angus. Maybe Friday. And, courtesy of a tornado that gave my dad a new skylight, I’ve got the oak for the fire……

      1. LOL – Mr Bubba – will you be posting some drool-worthy pics?

        We’re sorry we missed it too – much goings on this past weekend (and not much of it very good, unfortunately)

      2. No pics this time–suffice it to say that my first inclination was towards the knife and fork, not a camera, when the meat was on my plate.

    1. Fuzzie – that was horrible in so many ways!

      First of all, he’s caged – which makes naming him “Lucky” rather mean.
      Secondly, he’s fed what? an apple? lettuce? a carrot?

      HE’S A BEAR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD…where’s the cow? sheep?fish? couple chickens? At least throw him a couple quarts of blueberries…

      Le Sob….

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