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Happy National Buttermilk Bisuit Day

I’m not baking today (work is just overwhelming plus I’m kind of feeling sort of despair-ish, and that’s not good for baking).

There is good news, however, mouthwateringly tasty news – rather than give into overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, I headed over to The Kitchn because of this post – which of course led me to discover a new blog (The Candid Appetite) – and you know I need to follow another foodie blog like I need, well, never mind.  Anyway, Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich – that’s what’ he’s pimping.  And not just any waffle – a bacon/scallion/cheese waffle.  So far I’ve resisted purchasing a waffle iron, but this – this might just push me over the edge.

I  need that sandwich!!

7 thoughts on “Happy National Buttermilk Bisuit Day

  1. Confound you woman! I’ve been keeping the pounds off, and then you go and show me that insanely tasty looking sandwich. I will resist its siren lure, but am going to have to tie myself to the mast to do it…

  2. Okay, that sandwich reminded me of a comedy sketch from an only marginally funny comedian. Some guy I ran across on Spotify, but his whole spiel was about food. One of the things he mentioned was chicken and waffles.

    Anyway, buttermilk biscuits sounds great. I love them, but since Wednesday is a juice fast until 6PM day (as are Monday and Friday), I won’t be making them. But tomorrow? Oh, yeah!

  3. Did you say sandwich? BTW, given manosphere lore, if you make sandwiches, all the guys should be behaving as this bear does.

    1. Ad some Bear hugs to that sentiment. Someone told me once that I had too much “yang”. You may have too much “yin”. Ride a roller coaster!

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