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When Teenagers do Stupid Things and Then Answer “I Don’t Know” When You Ask Them Why They Did That, They Aren’t Kidding. They Really Don’t Know

on March 27, 2014

Some years ago I read an article which put forth the claim that the human brain does not fully mature until a human reaches the mid-30’s.


Witness the following:

0600; dark; traffic moving at 80 mph (yep – I’m keeping up with the traffic).

Why am I out at this hour, driving like a crazy woman?  Well, as you may recall from the first Ball Gown update, Miss Iseult spent the night with her bosom friends about 20-something miles away in North Chuck.  I set out to pick her up and deliver her out to the re-enactment site by 0800.

I hear the distinctive “ding” of Miss Iseult texting me, no doubt to enquire if I am on the way to pick her up.  The “dings” continue.  And continue.  And continue.  Eventually they stop.

I arrive at the destination and check my cell phone:  yep – it’s her alright:

“So, Mama, r u on the way?”

“Mama, r u coming to get me?”

“Mama, r u still sleeping?”

“Mama, u need to come get me”

“Never mind I texted Angharad and she says u on the way”

“Are u nearly here?”

“Can u text me when u get here?”

I obligingly text her:  “I’m here”

Out she trots with all her gear; stowes it in the back and hops down next to me.

Mama I texted you!” (there is a slightly accusatory tone)

Yes, I realize that.” (exasperation)

How come you didn’t answer me?” (befuddlement)

I fix my gaze upon her (lovely euphemism for “glare”, isn’t it?)

I don’t know, Iseult.  Why do you think I didn’t answer you?” (not doing a good job reigning in the snark here)

The conversation pauses here slightly

Cos you were driving?”

Because I was driving

I just wanted to know if you were on the way.”

I glare some more.

Was there something wrong with your vocal cords this morning, Iseult?”

Uh, no Mama, I’m fine

Glad to hear it

More fixed glaring

Uh, I guess I could have called you?”

Note that the question mark (?) is deliberate.

Yep – so why didn’t you call when you realized I wasn’t going to reply?

I don’t know

See….I told you!





4 responses to “When Teenagers do Stupid Things and Then Answer “I Don’t Know” When You Ask Them Why They Did That, They Aren’t Kidding. They Really Don’t Know

  1. donalgraeme says:

    Hmm. Definitely some cognitive failures going on there. Remember doing that myself back when I was that age. You have to train yourself to overcome that, otherwise it can carry into adulthood (I know this not from personal experience, but from observing others).

    • Maeve says:

      You are so right about that! I just don’t ever let her make excuses for it anymore. Our last discussion involved something along the lines of “it’s a phone. If you have something to tell me, call me and speak to me. Text your friends. Call your mother.” I have hopes.

  2. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Tiggers can’t text, so they talk.

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