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More Ball Gown Update

on March 25, 2014

It’s beautiful and she looks beautiful in it.  And if I can get the picture off my new phone, I’ll be posting it.

And did Miss Iseult have a good time at the dance?  You bet she did.

Did she dance a whole bunch?  Yes, she did.

Also…she met a young man who re-enacts.  Danced with him a whole lot.  Hung out with him for couple hours after the dance at one of the campfires.  Yes – was suitably chaperoned the whole time.

He’s 17.  A Junior in HS (although not at Iseult’s HS).

I’m not ready for this.


Not one bit.

For Pete’s Sake, she was just in diapers yesterday!

Le Sob.



8 responses to “More Ball Gown Update

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Maeve, this is all good news! You pulled it off. Iseult got to dance and made a new friend. *le sigh*

  2. Mrs. C says:

    So glad to hear everything went well. You did tease a little with that title. I thought we would get to see the pictures finally. Heck, I thought it was pretty before it was done so i really can’t wait to see it with all the detail added.

    Anyway, with my oldest entering high school next year, I’m right there with you when you say “I’m not ready for this.”

  3. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Maeve, knowing that you are a fan of my video links and, it’s likely some of your readers are too, I may go wild on a thread over at Donal Graeme’s. He hasn’t told me to stop yet.


  4. Bike Bubba says:

    YOu know, my oldest is not much younger than Iseult, and suffice it to say that I will be very grateful if she meets some young man who has enough “get up and go” to participate in things like reenactments. We don’t have those up here, but we do have “Rendezvous” events where people camp for a weekend like trappers and such.

    And I can’t resist; did the young man part from your daughter with “Frankly, my dear……”?

    • Maeve says:

      LOL – I don’t think so. That would have been just too funny. Here’s the real kicker; for the most part Iseult has a wide “tomboy” streak in her, but she absolutely adores putting on these dresses; my older daughter has commented many times that she wishes she could dress like this all the time. Killjoy that I am, I remind her of just how hot it gets here in Charleston.

      • Bike Bubba says:

        It’s worth noting that the “true” dresses of the Old South were actually linen, believe it or not, in the summer. Despite the local industry, the well-to-do brought linen from the North because it’s cooler.

        (my 4th daughter is a lot like this, too….tomboy through and through, but girly-girl when she wants to be)

        Not that I’m trying to sign you up to do tons of dresses, but if she wants “just one” that’s that pretty and will be OK for August, that would be what you’d do.

      • Maeve says:

        I really appreciate the informatio

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