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Ballgown Update (of sorts)

on March 20, 2014

Sooooooo we’re coming down to the wire here.  Re-enactment starts tomorrow. And what have we accomplished so far?  Well, there is a lovely blue cord trim at the neckline.  The boning is in the bodice and there are poufy sleeves.  We  still need to figure out how she is going to raise her arms higher than say 45 degrees (A minor detail, I realize).  I’m all for the discreet use of elastic; my BF is scandalized because there was no elastic in 1864.  Also, the hem needs to be finished and the bodice needs to be attached to the skirt.  We (and by “we” I mean my BF, because I could bleed to death trying to sew on a button) are trying to avoid hand stitching the hem because, it takes FOREVER to sew that much yardage (last year Iseult and sister both worked on the hem of her daygown and it took hours upon hours).

She needs a shawl of some sort (and possibly gloves), which we may have to purchase at the re-enactment, but that’s fine.  And the daygown needs to be pressed.  I’m doing that – no way she’s going near that dress with an iron yet (the results are just too unpredictable).

And where is Miss Iseult with all the goings on?  Is she ready for a final fitting tonight?  Uh that would be NOT.  You see, Miss Iseult has plans – she’s off to see Divergent tonight and then have a sleepover at her friend’s house.  Before the sun even rises tomorrow (at least here on the East Coast), I have to pick her up and schlep her and her re-enactment paraphernalia to the campsite.  Then I get to go to work and she gets to step back in time.  It’s going to be wonderful!  🙂


5 responses to “Ballgown Update (of sorts)

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Dun te dum dum, Dum te tum DUMDUM(From Dragnet)

  2. donalgraeme says:

    Waiting on another update… how did it go?

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