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Iseult gets fitted for her Ballgown

on March 19, 2014


And it has to be ready by Friday – are we cutting things a little close here?

My BF has been making all the girls’ re-enactment dresses for ever!  I think she deserves a huge thank you – now I just have to figure out what best fits her. Hmmmm….. I know – fabric for a new ball gown!


10 responses to “Iseult gets fitted for her Ballgown

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It will come together in time. I hope.

  2. Mrs. C says:

    That’s pretty! A lace shawl would look good with that… of course, I don’t know if that fits in with the reenactment.

    • Maeve says:

      Hi Mrs. C – yes, she does need a shawl, and not just because it would fit in, but also it’s supposed to be quite chilly Saturday night. The dress is also not finished – no sleeves; no trim; the dress is literally pinned on her. Yesterday my BF came over with her daughter and we fitted them both AGAIN. This time everyone made sure to have the right undergarment on (amazing what a difference it makes). I’ll get a picture of her in the finished product. Then we need to figure out that hair – no respectable young lady of the time shows up to a dance with her hair down. The Scandal! LOL

  3. donalgraeme says:

    Like the fabric. Can’t wait to see the finalized product. I have long thought that fashion has gone massively downhill since that time period. Also, I like that you and your daughters are active in reenactments, its good to keep in touch with history and culture like that.

    • Maeve says:

      Hi Donal – that fabric is very good on her – can’t wait to see it either. Sadly, I’m missing out on the re-enacting this time as I have a huge conflict and I’m still not sure if Angharad is going to make it – she’s trying like crazy. A couple of her girlfriends are coming in from out of town and they re-enact as well, so the plan was for them to all go and camp.

      I’m agree it’s wonderful that the girls participate in this and I do all I can to encourage it. I’m telling you, though, if she tears this dress, it’s going to be curtains for Miss Iseult!

      • donalgraeme says:

        That’s a huge bummer that you are going to miss out. Hopefully Angharad can make it.

        That is one thing I dislike about living on the other side of the country, no chance to take part in such events.

        I’m telling you, though, if she tears this dress, it’s going to be curtains for Miss Iseult!

        Ha! I bet she’s shaking in her lovely dress shoes.

      • Maeve says:

        You know Donal, one of the things I’ve really come to appreciate about living in the South is that it’s so steeped in history and folks here (from all persuasions) are really big on reminding us all of our country’s roots & heritage.

        Oh – and regarding the shoes – not five minutes ago, I get an ILLEGAL text from her (no cell phones on at school) advising me that she forgot to pack her reenactment shoes; also she needs tights (let’s not go there – tights are a bit of an issue in our house); and do I know where the hoopskirt is and she couldn’t find the sash to her daygown.

        Never a dull moment Chez Maeve!

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