Wannabe Martha

Still trying to figure out which Martha

Sunday Sillies

on March 2, 2014

What every drink needs – a nice little shark fin floating around.

Order Now so you will have in time for Sharknado II (you know one’s in the works, right?)


(only thing better would be a  nice gaping mouth – just like from JAWS.) 

Photo Credit – Perpetual Kid


3 responses to “Sunday Sillies

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Maeve, it does seem that you are back to an even keel. Glad to know!

  2. Maeve says:

    Fuzzie, I should have realized that you would find something shark-y. I loved it.

    • FuzzieWuzzie says:

      Maeve, I have to conserve the bear videos. It took a while to find something cute but shark-y.Most of the rest were clips from Jaws. Brrrrr

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