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Happy National Chocolate Fondue Day

on February 4, 2014

Ed. Um…… so I just realized that National Chocolate Fondue Day is actually TOMORROW.  It’s been that kind of day.  Today is National Homemade Soup Day and yes, I’m making soup and probably will post the recipe later.  In the meantime – this post can serve as advanced notice of the NCFD observance, so  you can run out and get all the stuff you need – and a pot if necessary – although an actual fondue pot is NOT necessary.

Ah, National Chocolate Fondue Day! Even though I’m not actually making any, just thinking about it is enough to get my happy on.   Actually, I do make chocolate fondue and you should too, because it’s one of the easiest desserts out there, and it’s fun for families, kids, couples (hello Valentine’s Day), teenagers too.

Here are a couple links to some good recipes in case you’re moved to celebrate today (in case you’re looking for something to actually celebrate, how about going with “I Survived Monday”?)

From Williams-Sonoma – A No-Frills Chocolate Fondue

From Tyler Florence over at Food Network – A Caramel-Chocolate Fondue

From Better Homes & Gardens – A Milk Chocolate Fondue with Hint of Peanut Butter

From The Nibble – A Mascarpone-enriched Delight

So, there you have it – a couple recipes to get you started.  Pick up some strawberries and pound cake and you have a sublimely delicious dessert (no need for celebration required.  really.).


4 responses to “Happy National Chocolate Fondue Day

  1. donalgraeme says:

    Cease your tormenting woman! I am still burning off the weight I picked up over Christmas, this doesn’t help.

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