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Sneak Peak at Supper – or “What is that Green Goo on your Chicken?”

on January 22, 2014
Tandoori Chicken - just marinating

Looks gross now. Well, just wait until later…

Looks disgusting doesn’t it?  Well, just hold on there, cowboy, it only looks disgusting NOW.  Later on, after it’s marinated for several hours and has spent a little time on the grill, it will be eyeball-rolling-delish.  Actually, it’s a kind of Tandoori Chicken and I’ll post the “after” picture, along with the recipe later on this evening.

Until then, work hard and dream of tasty chicken….

4 responses to “Sneak Peak at Supper – or “What is that Green Goo on your Chicken?”

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Leaving food out? Uh oh.

    • Maeve says:

      Fuzzie, I don’t have a resident bear, but my dog can do nearly as much damage. I had left a bag of groceries on the kitchen floor and run out to the car to grab the rest – got sidetracked for a couple minutes taking to my neighbor – come back in and she’s eaten a package of lunch meat and had torn into a bag of potato chips. Maybe she IS part bear 🙂

      • FuzzieWuzzie says:

        Maeve, my Dad told me how my sister had left a London Broil marinating on the counter. “Now Oscar, this is our dinner, leave it alone.” Temptaion got the better of him. OOPS!

  2. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Oscar was a malumite. Ru ru ru!

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