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Stuff I love – “Lemon Suhgah” Sugah Scrub

on January 21, 2014

One of my CCD students gave me a little jar of this amazing sugar scrub for Christmas.  I’m now well and truly hooked!  This stuff smells wonderful and makes your hands feel so freakin good you’ll be wondering whose they are.  In addition to the Lemon Sugah scrub, there’s a host of other delights, like Lemon Sugah Honey Butter and Lemon Sugah Bath Soak.  And that’s only one of their product lines.  Valentine’s Day will be here soon and I can’t imagine a lovelier gift than one of the delightful products from the Charleston Soap Chef.

Photo Credit – Charleston Soap Chef

Let me also add that this stuff really makes your hands smell good!  I was peeling about a thousand onions the other day and a nice little 5-minute massage with this scrub removed all traces of onion AND it didn’t mess up my manicure either (which is a big deal to me).

And no, nobody paid me to say anything nice about them.  It’s all on me!

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